What Is Wealthy Affiliate About ? A Scam Or Not ?

This is easily my number one work from home recommendation since 2014…

Follow the exact formula that helped me go from that guy in college that didn’t know what he wanted to study to making a full time income from home.

#1 Recommendation

Today I will be sharing my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 as there seems to be some doubt on the internet if Wealthy affiliate scams everyone.

Wealthy Affiliate founded by Kyle and Carson is a program that hands down actually does work. They have years of experience ! Kyle actually got started when he was in college and he was able to make a full time income by the 6 month mark. These are

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?
some crazy results ?

You probably have even tried searching online for negative reviews on this program but the truth is you won’t find any because they are legitimate. If you find any negative reviews I will be happy to check out the review to see what all the negativeness is about because to this day I personally don’t find much wrong about this program.

You will be hard pressed to have a community as helpful and supportive like the one you will see inside wealthy affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About ?

In simple terms, wealthy affiliate is an educational platform where you will be taught how you can build your own online business through the form of niche marketing which involves affiliate marketing primarily.

There are many untapped profitable niches out there that no one knows about. In fact I believe that every day more niches are appearing out in the web. You can even target these micro niches that the big authority website aren’t even looking at. This is really big news for people just like you ands me.

There is also some more training that focuses on local marketing and how you can promote yourself. It really covers the basics extremely well and actually goes in depth regarding advance techniques that everyone will find useful.

In my opinion, wealthy affiliate is one if not the best program in the market which helps you build and thrive with your own online business.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different ?

Before you think of wealthy affiliate as a product or program, there is actually a lot more to it than meets your eyes. I mean it does have countless amounts of trainings , tutorials , live webinars (every friday/saturday, depending where you live), and much more but it really goes beyond that as is more of an entrepreneur online educational platform where anyone that is willing to learn can.

It really does target beginners so that anyone can learn from scratch no matter of your experience. Don’t worry you experience marketers it has more than enough valuable information so that you can learn as well. One thing about internet ma
rketing is the fact that it’s always and I mean always changing. What I love most is the fact that wealthy affiliate is always being updated.

Anything from the complicated ranking algorithms, Google updates , new traffic programs , different website builders , and muc more. Kyle and Carson do an excellent job of sating on top of their game. By the way you actually get help from them by just action. nope they don’t charge you extra for that.

There are so many members right now ! The last time I checked it was above 400,000 …. Thats really impressive if you ask me.

What’s A Year Worth To Your Business ?

I’ll be clear, you won’t make money over night unless you have a strong grasp of internet marketing know what you are doing. It usually takes from 6 months to a year to be successful as an internet marketer with a niche but let’s see if this is a long time.

Most of us we were brought up that going to school 4 years to gain any where from 40k to 60k, right ? Then if we take just one year of that and apply it to an online business than you will probably make just as much or even more. I know people within Wealthy Affiliate that make over 10K a month… These are people that have a couple of years under their belt but it shows that with some dedication anything is possible.

Does this sound like something you would like to be part of ? I’m pretty sure that you will say yes but are scared on how much it will cost you so I got a surprise for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Free To Join ( NO Credit Card Is Required) What Do You Have To Lose ? 

The Good About Wealthy Affiliate:

  • It’s free forever but thats with limited training.. but what program will give you a free website , hosting , and even some real training free forever ? Not many that’s for sure.
  • Up to date training, tutorials , and webinars
  • It’s for any experience level
  • 24/7 help and support from a community that is growing every second of the day
  • Personal One on One help from the owners themselves
  • You are given a blog within wealthy affiliate to communicate with other members
  • Direct messaging for premium members
  • A keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Live Chat area thats open 24/7Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

The Bad About Wealthy Affiliate

I really tried to see the bad within wealthy affiliate but nothing really comes to mind as I really haven’t seen anything that’s wrong with this platform but I’ll name a few for you people that say every program has something bad so let’s see.

  • Wealthy Affiliate focus on how to be successful without risking getting penalised by google some people see this as a negative as it takes longer to rank.
  • Many people come into chat so your question if you write one might take a while to get an answer to.. This is easily resolved by just asking it again because it’s very likely that no one saw it because this live chat tends to move rather quickly.


Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms will take your Internet marketing experience to an all new level as there is no training in the industry that matches what is contained withing each classroom. Classrooms consist of topical discussions, video training, text-based training, and full (step-by-step) courses on each topic. The classroom topics that are available are:

  • Getting Started
  • Keyword, niche, and market research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authorizing and writing content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Social Engament and marketing
  • Website development and management
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

The Bootcamp Training Is AWESOME

The training modules , tutorials , video lessons and so much more that bootcamp has to offer is just out of this world help. Just take a look at the 6 courses right below.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

Get started with the bootcamp training now, just Click Here .

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You ?

Here is a list for who wealthy affiliate is for:

  • Anyone looking to quit their job in a path to a escape their 9 to 5 life
  • Want to create another income stream on a monthly basis
  • It’s really for everyone.. kids, stay at home moms , dads , grandma , grandpa and anyone else you can think off
  • There has been many drop outs that have been successful with Wealthy Affiliate

The Real Cost Of Wealthy Affiliate:

The Starter Membership is free for your lifetime, completely free.

The Premium Membership will cost you a $47 a month or $359 per year. I don’t really think that cost is expensive if you took a look at everything that is offered.

My Conclusion On Wealthy Affiliate

At the end of the day, wealthy affiliate is a must have if you wish to create your online business the right way. There are many programs out in the web that teach you the principles, techniques , and methods to affiliate marketing but many of these programs do it unethically. Using tactics like buying a whole bunch of back links will kill your website without a doubt and many people are still doing this.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the right way to making money online which is broken down into 4 steps that all of us members are following with much success.

The Magical Question, How Do I Make Money ?

It’s really not that complicated as it’s really made for beginners but it can be really beneficial for experienced marketers as well. Take a look at the 4 step process below but my best advice will be for you to go to wealthy affiliate and create your free account.

Here’s the 4 step process

1.Choose a niche or better known as an interest that you have knowledge of or are willing to learn about.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

2. Next you build your website

`Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

3. Get ranked for your keywords within your own interest.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

4. Lastly Earning that revenue.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or Legit Worthwhile Opportunity ?

Join Wealthy Affiliate (It’s Free No Credit Card)