15 Tips On Writing Quality Content For Your Website

When many people start off an online business they usually get stuck when it comes to writing but today I’ve composed 15 Tips On Writing Quality Content For Your Website. Writing appealing but concise content should be the goal of everyone in the internet world.

Writing quality content is a skill that is developed through practice and learning new strategies to implement. You can’t just create a website today and tomorrow be writing 2000 word extremely high quality content unless you are a writer of some sort.

I’m not trying to frighten you but I am trying to be as realistic as possible. It be wrong from my part to just vaguely lie to you but today I’ve compiled a list of 15 tips that will help you get started. Aim to follow these tips or even think of it as a guideline to follow for better writing productive to please your audience and even the search engines.

If your ultimate goal is to write better and more efficient quality content, take a deep look at the tips I laid out for you.

15 Tips On Writing Quality Content 

  1. Keep It Short, Simple, and to the Point. Being short and to the point will be in your best benefit as long as you are writing quality content. The faster you can get your point across the better experience you are delivering to your audience.
  2. Don’t Copy Content from the Web.  The worse thing you can do with your content is plagiarise from another source. You think you are being slick but there are many tools able to track people that are copying content plus you will never rank well with the search engines. Take the time to write unique content and everyone on the internet will like you that much more.
  3. Write In A Conversational Manner Not MLA Format. Remember, you can’t assume that your readers will have a college level education which makes it essential to write as if you were having a conversation with a dear friend. Your visitors want to feel like they are talking to a human not a robot.
  4. Writing Paragraphs Isn’t Ideal.  If you expect your visitors to read a block of paragraph then you are sadly wrong. Most people actually like that you bullet your information as it’s just easier to read and comprehend.
  5. Be careful With Images You Don’t Have Legal Rights Over. All those pictures you see on Google the are so pretty and uniquely designed aren’t to be used because they are copyrighted more times than not. If you use them without proper content you can be in for legal issues.
  6. Keep Your Content Focused and Provide a Solution. You should try answering the questions your visitors are coming to your website with like if you are writing about making money online, don’t talk about how you can make money as an uber driver.
  7. Write For Your Audience not your Keywords. Your focus should be your readers entirely. SEO as a whole is important but pay close attention to your visitors.
  8. Relevant Content Is Vital. Your content needs to be control. It can’t be all over the place, stay on course and remember what you are suppose to be talking about. Don’t go off on a 500 word story that barely has any value.
  9. Become Visual With Your Content. Placing pictures within your content (preferably to the right) helps capture and keep your audience attention for a long period of time.
  10. CTA Is Ideal But Towards The End. A call to action whether it’s an affiliate link or an email sign up is recommended towards the end of an article. If your visitors got this far down the page it means they were captivated enough to read the entire length which no longer makes them a cold sell.
  11. More Quality Less Quantity. Don’t take that statement out of context as I personally feel you should aim for a minimum 1000 words but if you are sacrifice quality for the sake of length than either stop with that article or do some more research.
  12. Research Your Topic Extensively. If you can’t tell me at least 5 to 10 things about your topic then you shouldn’t be writing about it. Don’t write just to write. Write to teach and inform, this needs proper research and understanding before putting pen to paper.
  13. Track Your Content. If you have written content that is ranking then track how is doing for instance the time on page , bounce rate , and even user engagement . Then try comparing it to your other pieces of content and see how you can improve those.
  14. Write Captivating Headlines. Breaking up your content with interesting and appealing headlines can make a world of difference with how accepted your content become. You might be surprised that people will be willing to share it that much more.
  15. Learn About Our Niche. Learn to get your website as targeted to it’s niche as possible. Don’t write about topics that don’t fall in the outline of our website. We want the search engines to know what our website is about without any doubts.

These are some solid, concrete tips you can follow on your quest for better quality content.

My Conclusion

The faster you get these tips down and incorporate them into your own website the faster will achieve maximum quality content. This is something that you must practice on a daily basis because be aware that it’s possible that your competitors in your niche are doing the same exact things.

A matter of fact, a vast amount of post will never see the top rankings because you can’t put 100 post in the first page. I mean, there is only space for 10. This means that we need to write a lot of high quality content. Getting this process down will either make or break our website.

Remember content is just practice till you eventually become proficient on that you will feel comfortable posting once a day. In the preliminary stages this will seem like an impossible obstacles but there are days I can write you 3 high quality articles with 1500 words each but this wasn’t accomplished over night.

We should also come to the realisation that no matter how well written and how high quality some of our content is theres just metrics on the search engines that we can’t really account for. The moral is that the more quality content we publish then the higher chance we will have of getting higher rankings.

I only preach what I’ve experienced. Practice makes perfect fellow internet marketers. Let me know what you think about these tips. Do you agree or disagree ? Maybe I should update it and add more.

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