A Guide To Making Money Online In 10 Easy Steps

Hello folks, I’m going to share with you today a guide to making money online in 10 easy steps that I’ve created from my personal experience and facts that I’ve learned over time. This article is made more for someone that doesn’t have their own blog already but there are tips that can also be applied to anyone that has their own money making online blog.

This guide will revolve around making money online as an affiliate marketer as it’s the best way I found to monetize my online business and earn money. Now with that being said let’s begin.

a guide to making money online

1. Find Your Niche (Passion Or Interest)

A niche can be anything you are willing to write about. It can be a passion or an interest, preferably it will be something you already have knowledge of but you can always learn about it if you like. In todays world there is a greater demand for sub niches as they are easier to get off the ground rolling but they still aren’t a breeze.

You need to figure out what type of audience you wish to target and then work from there. Are there any problems or question that are always being asked in your sub niche ? It would be a good idea to start jotting these down as it will lead to a lot of future ideas on what to write about in future post.

Don’t choose for example auto insurance just because it’s one of the most profitable niches. You can make money within any niche but remember can you write about auto insurances a year from now?

That’s why it’s better to follow your passion as you will enjoy it and two it will show in your writing. You want to learn the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing ? Use the same program that I do as it’s free to sign up actually!

finding a niche with a guide to making money online

2. Research Your Keyword

A lot of people over look this step but having a main keyword domain is still some what important and should still be done when starting out your online business for a sub niche but finding the right keywords is a lot more important.

Take a look at how to do a keyword research but it’s actually rather simple. Just don’t look for that perfect keyword, search for something that you want your website to be about and then go from there.

This is going to give you a huge advantage against your competitors for the simple reason that some website website owners don’t even know what are keywords. It may seem a little on the crazy side but hey, use it to your advantage !

Your goal will be to find natural keywords that are being searched repeatedly  but also have very few competition. A natural keyword is simply a normal searched couple of words but that actually make sense, don’t just go for a very low competition, high search volume keyword for the hell of it. Find out the best keywords with this cool tool, Jaaxy.

Don’t try to over compensate by just writing down any keywords specially because your click through rate of your content on the search engines is going to be minimal as no one will be clicking on something that doesn’t even make any real sense. Want to try it out ?



3. You Need A Website

Over the years surveys have appeared as a way to make money online but it’s not a legitimate sustainable way which inclines people to thinking that you don’t need a website to make money online.

This is statement couldn’t be more invalid as anyone in the industry will tell you that a website is the most important thing you will need. A website gives you so many opportunities at making money that it’s just ridiculous.

You can sell your domain name in the future (my friend sold his for about $5,000 once ), promote amazon products , capture emails from readers and then you just recommend a product ( think about if you recommend a product to 10,000 people the possibilities are endless).

I don’t mean to get you overly excited as it does take a lot of work but In my opinion website creation and writing content becomes so addicting that you always want to do it. It kind of turns you to a small writer in your own rights.

Start journey off on the right foot by creating your free website.

creating websites with a guide to making money online


4. Get Your Free Hosting

Once you create your website, the next step will be to claim your free hosting which is just or even more important than an actual website. If you get your website by the link I provided it comes together, the website and the hosting.

A hosting is basically where all your website content is saved. Your hosting gives you a “space” in the internet world so that your website has the ability to be seen. Don’t worry too much about this as long as you have a reputable web hosting service then you will be set.

Do you know many local business marketers will run the website of many business websites on the same hosting ? Fun fact here.. HostGator which is a web hosting service lets you host I believe is like 50 websites under the same account. This is pretty good but one recommendation, always back up your content!

This website won’t be under your own domain but it’s a very good way to start out and know that you can always move it over to your own domain name. ( .com , .net , .org , ect).

Without a hosting platform your website content will never reach the search engines which makes imperative to get your hosting together with your website. But why pay for it in the beginning when you can get it for free?

Getting free hosting with a guide to making money online

5. Installing Word Press

Now while there are many website builders with some fancy graphic designs they usually are never optimised for search engines which is what you really should care about. There is no point in a nice web design if no on one is going to be seeing your website.

In my opinion it’s best to start out with a simple website design and if you later still want to improve your design then there is always the option of getting a web graphic designer which are honestly well worth the money. I rather keep my website simple as it helps my readers concentrate on my website and ignore all other pointless distractions.

In the past installing word press was very difficult as all your website creation had to be done through the act of coding which was a big headache but through the link I provided all you are really doing is installing your website and that’s it.

The only thing I could see you installing are word press themes, plugins, and ect which also seems to be very simple even for beginners. I just wanted to clear that up. The reason I use word press is because their content management system is by far the easiest and most user friendly that I’ve encountered.

You don’t like word press ? Share your thoughts on which website builder you like using.

find out about installing wordpress with a guide to making money online

6. Creating Content

If you don’t know it yet, you will soon know that in the internet marketer’s world content is king. Creating valuable content to your audience is essential as it will improve their experiences in your website and also improve the chances of them giving you their information on an opting form or purchasing a product.

Now while in the beginning it may seem difficult you will get accustomed to writing engaging content. How much should I write ? This is probably the number one asked question in content marketing but it’s an important one to say the least. My quick answer would be at least 1,000 words although remember it’s quality over quantity so make sure that your content is good in other words, worth reading.

The days of just writing 300 word articles and ranking on the first page of google are long over. Google panda and penguin update really started eliminating BS websites that were barely writing enough content but ranking on the first page. There is emphasises on writing more than 500 words at least but the articles that are over 2000 words are really going to see some better rankings in the SERPS.

This is really good news, why ? I’m almost sure that your competitors are not going to put the extra effort to write that many words which helps you rank even better.

This will help you earn the trust of your readers and the best way to do this is always add valuable content. Are you starting to see the important of valuable content?

a guide to making money online with creating quality content

7. Traffic

Think of it like this, visitors are traffic the more visitors you gain the more traffic you will gain. Traffic can be attained in many ways from serps , ppc , and many others actually.

The most cost efficient will be organic traffic which is what people use for when searching for a phrase on a search engine ( Google , Yahoo, and Bing ). If you go to google and you search for how to build a house, well the website you just clicked has just gotten an organic visitor/traffic.

How do you achieve this? It’s very simple but not as easy as people may think it’s really just writing content for a consistent period of time till Google acknowledges your websites and increases your rankings to the first page. I previously stated how long content is much better right ?

You will need to post articles like this for a while before the search engines actually start trusting you which takes a couple of months but once they do you will be rewarded for your hard work. I recommend you reading this article from peter on how to rank on the first page of Google it’s very nicely written and beneficial.There are many different ways to get traffic like sharing your content on social medias like Facebook , twitter , Google plus , and many more. If you want to brand out then get your behind on social media and start promoting.

Remember this isn’t something that happens right away but if you stick to it, it can lead to some magnificent results. It doesn’t just stop once you publish and share your content, find people in your niche that may be interested in your content (if they have a website) add them to your social circle. Go ahead and email them, maybe asking something along the lines of “hey (x name) I just wrote this post that I think you and your audience would really like it, go take a look (url goes here) If you enjoy my article feel free to share it with your audience.”

Something like that but I would make it much more professional but remember you are “asking” there is a huge difference from asking than being so pushy that you are begging.

I hope that sparks your bulb light a bit.

Gaining traffic with a guide to making money online

8. Finding An Affiliate Program

You should know that there are affiliate programs for anything you can possibly think of. Whether you want to become an affiliate of big brands like amazon or you can always become affiliates of certain products by going to clickbank.com as they have a wide variety of products that you can advertise.

Many people fill up their website up with affiliate ads all over but this isn’t the way to go. Affiliate links should be used within your content as these will get the most actions within your readers. In my opinion, affiliate ads are really a distraction and a waste of time that is going to be driving people away from your website.

If I have a new website I probably wouldn’t even put any affiliates till after the first month or after having done 10 to 15 post. You ask why ? You need to get in the habit of writing for your audience not because of making sales. Many people get so caught up in making money that their content takes a hit because they are concentrating on selling not providing valuable information plus Google doesn’t like so many affiliate links, you should keep that in mind.

The reason I put this step after creating content was only for the fact that people worry about having an affiliate program when their site isn’t even getting visitors. It’s really pointless if you think about it as there are no benefits to that. My advice ? Concentrate on content and you will be fine.

9. Monetize Your Content

This is the stage in which you will earn money! This can be done in different ways as for instance, you can sign up for Google AdSense, review products and place affiliate links within your content , or many others.

The option is yours but remember this a very valuable tip ; there is a lot of valuable ways to monetize your websites but there isn’t a lot of valuable content in the internet as we speak.What’s more important website content or website monetize ? You be the judge as I’ve pretty much gone on about why content is so important.

Realize that many people are going to your website to learn something so don’t be afraid to share your knowledge or expertise within a certain topic.

If you consistently write and provide your own voice then the opportunity is there. Don’t be afraid to connect with your audience remember you have a blog not a Wikipedia website. People are going to be arriving at your website because they want to hear what you have to say.

Give your opinion when you can and even stir up a bit of controversy as this is always good for sharing content.

a guide to making money online with some SEO

This leads me to the tenth and final step.

10. Share Your Content To Make Money

In the preliminary stages of your website creation I would suggest to build your social media accounts. The main one specifically but don’t limit yourself anything from facebook, twitter, Google, pinterest, Instagram, and linked.

I know I touched on these already but people don’t realise that the sharing of content is becoming a bigger play in the search engines eyes. Go to a competitive keyword in Googles first page now click on the first organic website ( no pay per click) that article is most likely going to have a lot of shares through the social medias, why ?

Well the content is good but they build out there social medias with people that are willing to share your content. The more your content is being shared the higher chance you have on getting to the first page of Google.

If you can gain consistent visitors to your website you will steadily build an audience that if you provide that king like content they will always want to come back. In more times than not if they find your information unique and worth sharing, they will .

share your content

Do you want to be taught these steps and techniques more in-depth ?

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  1. tony says:

    outstanding site with all a user needs to know about starting the online business. The flowchart is a great tool that gives the visitors a step-by-step guide on how to achieve their financial freedom. Will share on social media.

    1. thank you tony ! It was meant for the beginners to get an overall idea of what to expect. Too many people this is an overnight thing and those are the people that usually fail.

  2. Amanda says:

    Great information very useful.

  3. simon watson says:

    It is a great inspiring post my friend well done keep it up!

  4. Julian says:

    10 steps to make money, right on!
    You’ve really put together an awesome guide for anyone who is looking to make money online. I like it, and I’m sure others will too.
    Cheers, Yunier.

    1. Thank you Julian! I hope others will benefit from this article 🙂

  5. Serana Patino says:

    Hi Yunier your website is very informative and useful in this modern day where everyone is trying to see how best they can make money online but there are so many scams out there as you said. Before I joined WA, I was researching programs that would help me to make money online and almost got trapped with MTTB, Empower Network and Kalatu Blog thankfully I did my research first to see if they were scams and came across Kyle’s review on them and boy did he save me from making the biggest mistake of my life wow. Then I did some research on WA and found they were legit and truly cared about persons and the rest is history. In a nutshell, you are doing a very important job promoting this website because people really need to know what is going on and unfortunately it is difficult to find true facts about this. So keep up the good work and best of luck to you!

    1. Hello Serana,

      It’s very true that there are so many scams out there in the online world and even worse there are many people working on the next scam they can throw in our face ! It’s a very sad fact but there are legit programs out there ! But I was actually scammed like a thousand dollars by empower network and vowed to always help my audience avoid scams and just guide them in the right direction. You are extremely right about wealthy affiliate, there is not another program that I would love to be a part of as they genuinely care about their members 🙂

  6. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hello Yunier

    I agree with the 10 steps but I do not think that that these steps are easy.It needs hard work to get to a level of having great and enough content to help your visitors.But if you have the appropriate knowledge and training you can make it.It just requires time but it is one of the most promising options in today’s internet world

    Consistency , engagement and kindness are my top 3 factors for online success.You explained it really well all the way down from the start.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Hey there Tasos,

      I’m glad we agree on some stuff but I do feel that it’s not as hard as people make it seem. I was fortunate enough to have some incredible training even one on one talk with some very successful marketers inside wealthy affiliate.

      I do feel it takes a level of consistency although there are some people that may disagree here but with the search engines it’s best to play it safe and avoid those spammy links that can distract us ! I’m sure everyones been tempted before but in the end it’ll do more harm then good.

      There was a time where you could have gotten away with just sending a bunch of spam back links to your website and it will give you first page rankings almost over night but those days are long gone. I’m glad you found this article useful 🙂

  7. Maura says:

    Yunier – you have laid out steps for making money online very well. You make it look so easy without giving anyone the illusion that it will get them rich quick or without doing any hard work. Your experience with WA seems to have been positive. I’d like to know more about how long you have been affiliated with them and how they are making you more profitable than you would be without them?

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Hello Maura,

      My reason for my guide was that it’s not as hard to make money online as people make it seem. Does it take time ? Yes of course but what doesn’t ? Take for example, most college students get their bachelor but this really only gives them a a job that makes generally from 40 to 60k . Actually this isn’t even a for sure thing so what if you took one year to dedicate to an online business ? Come back to me 4 years later and tell me if it was worth it ?! I’m sure you’ll have a big smile on your face.

      Wealthy affiliate has definitely taught me everything I know and what I love is I can learn everything at my own pace. Will you be making full time income in a year ? It’s hard to say but a years time will definitely lay the foundation for your future success. Most people fail online because they give up too soon and Google knows this that’s why around 6 months is when your website starts earning trust. I hope I cleared some doubt that you may have had.

  8. Peter says:

    Hey Yunier. Very impressive, this is a great overview of the steps necessary to create an online business. You really have created an excellent resource for your readers here. You talk about creating (quality) content and then you show what that is with this post. Anyone looking to learn how to create an online business should read and bookmark this post.

    I also agree with your promotion of Wealthy Affiliate as a vehicle for acquiring an education for learning the skills and the tools required for success online. 🙂

    1. Hi Peter !

      I really enjoy the nice words 🙂 I do feel that quality content is probably one if not the most important aspect of any website. Wealthy affiliate does provide an excellent platform were you could actually learn everything related to the online world.

  9. Mahesh Raikhelkar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working as a affiliated marketer of Amazon, Click Bank and SFI. In my promoting job I create one Facebook Page Supermarket Online and one Amazon Store where I put the link of products . I use the product like books, computer, iPad, watch, laptop only. I promote this FB page and Amazon Store through Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinerest, Tumbler, StumbleUpon etc. There is clicks to my link but it will not convert into sale. What can I do to covernet my click to sale . Please advice me on my mail.

    Thanks and regards

    Mahesh Raikhelkar
    Solapur (Maharashtra) India

    1. Affiliate links alone convert you should really aim to provide your readers something valuable ! Aim to be unique ask yourself what are you doing that everyone else isn’t ?

  10. Fred Chong says:

    Excellent post with a step-by-step approach to starting to make money online. I missed reading this when I began my WA journey, I particularly missed doing the needed homework on that all important Point no. 2 – “Research Your Keyword”. Which means I could have put in more effort in my “Keyword Research”. I need to redo this portion of the proven steps – the ultimate guide to online success!

  11. Fred Chong says:

    Excellent post with a step-by-step approach to starting to make money online. I missed reading this when I began my WA journey, I particularly missed doing the needed homework on that all important Point no. 2 – “Research Your Keyword”. Which means I could have put in more effort in my “Keyword Research”. I need to redo this portion of the proven steps – the ultimate guide to online success!

    1. in my opinion, beginners fail most of the time from lack of research.

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