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My Very Own Story

I am yunier, your very own tool to making money online in the crazy world we call the internet.

I recently started with online marketing in the past year and have had some success. I originally started my online business career with a lot of misguided information (scams) . This made me even more motivated because I knew with such a big resource as the internet there had to be ways to make money online.I never had any computer or internet training, even my girlfriend would tell you I was never computer savvy. I always wondered how are all these people making money from the comfort of their own home? How am I any different than them, right ?


I’m a hard worker and consider my self some what smart. I managed to spend money on a scam out there called empowered network and that’s how my process began. I realized how dysfunctional their system was , after a month I had my website and was out of their hands.Time passed which seemingly stressed me out even more , whether I was seeing things as I felt I was seeing people make more money online and I was stuck in the same place.

I was devoting all my time into learning how making websites and ranking worked but I hadn’t learned much. I was losing time from what I love to which is play sports and staying active.All I had was a website and ideas I wanted to share with the world. I was always passionate about having a healthy lifestyle as most of my family is overweight and I didn’t want to follow their path. I wondered how to make money while talking about something I love ?

This thought stayed in my head for a couple weeks and then I decided it was time to look for answers. This is when I came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate and from then on the rest is history.

What Changed My Life

I learned that I didn’t need to pay to build my own website and for me that alone sold me on it . This wasn’t a program trying to get rich off people but was willing to lend a hand to those of us In need. They guide you through the whole process of what is internet marketing, ranking , search engines, and most more including making MONEY !

What even brought me in further was the fact that they didn’t claim you were going to get rich over night which is not possible by the way. For future reference if you see a program offering you a certain amount of money if you join, that’s a scam alert.Back on track though, WA (wealthy affiliate) doesn’t just throw you in the fire it really helps you out as everyone that joins is part of a huge community of different experts in different topics and are more than willing to help you out when ever you need it.

It’s pretty surreal if you ask me, it’s so addicting just because is really people like you and me seeking that life changing opportunity. Here’s the link to my profile , go take a look it as I bet you won’t regret it ! Before you go any further I wish you the best of luck!

also if you’re into living a healthier lifestyle or just want to lose some weight check out my first website called time for fat loss that I made with the help of wealthy affiliate. Take a look at an honest review on wealthy affiliate.

2 thoughts on “About Yunier

  1. Peter says:

    Great to read your personal story it make you more real and yes most of us get scammed when we first start out which either puts people off completely or like you it drives them further. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the education everyone needs to truly make money online. Anyone reading this is fortunate to be pointed in the right direction.

    1. Some people do get discouraged by being a victim of a scam but in my case it encouraged me to keep looking as there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. As far as making money online is concerned that’s where I have learned everything I know and I recommend it to every person that wants to reach financial freedom 🙂

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