Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Whether online or in the off’-line world I tend to get asked many similar question but one tends to pop up more often than others and that is, what are the best affiliate marketing tools do you use the most or would recommend. This affiliate resource page is just for that purpose where my visitors can find which tools I personally use.

This page will be updated over time due to me reviewing other tools so you can benefit the most. These tools I’ve personally tried myself now or in the past, meaning I have extensive experience with each one at the very least.

My Top Recommendations

The Basics: Wealthy Affiliate 

Before I came across Wealthy Affiliate I was being scammed by Empower network which I invested quite a big amount of money. Wealthy Affiliate taught me the basics and then some. They offer a top notch community with live chat , keyword tool , hosting , 2 free websites , and much more. What’s even better is the fact that you can get started for free.

Keyword Research: Jaaxy

Believe me when I say this, without Jaaxy I wouldn’t be at the position I am today. This product was actually created by the same guys that run wealthy affiliate. You will get to research your keywords and see where you rank for each keyword. They also have their own affiliate program which is just a bonus.

Backlink: The Hoth 

Honestly, many people are starting to think that back linking is a thing of the past but this statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you want to end up on the first page of Google then backlinks are a must. Sure quality content is great but authority backlinks are vital.

I haven’t tried a service better than the hoth. They start off with packages as cheap as $60. They are bound to impress you like they did with me with some similar first page Google results 🙂