Check My Website Ranking- Are You Doing It The Right Way?

Usually when we begin the creation of our website is with one purpose in mind and that’s to make money. I agree but people think this is a bad thing and I don’t think so, but you shouldn’t be a salesman on your website. The first thing you need to worry about is helping and then the ranks will follow.

We do get impatient though and I for one in the beginning began to check my website ranking on a daily basis. This just slowed down the process, well at least in my head. All I wanted to do was rank in the first page of Google but this can be hard in the beginning but there are ways to do this even in the preliminary stages of your website.

At the very moment you create your website and you publish it you can get ranked. I’m going to show you how is that we improve our rankings..

How to Boost Your Website Traffic

There’s nothing like checking your website rank and knowing you are on the first page of the search engines. Now there are many ways to check your website rankings but I will take a look at one of the more famous one Alexa and figure out if this tool can help us out.

Boosting your website traffic is really just a matter of writing content on your post or pages in a very user friendly manner. The search engines want to see engagement content and not so many links. They will punish you if you overload your post with links and yes even pictures.

I for one like to create my content in a way that feels like I’m helping others not selling . There’s a fine line that you may walk before you cross over to the dangerous category of selling.

You will increase traffic by linking your websites to social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, and much more !Also creating youtube videos and in the description link your website.

But the utter most important step that people skip when trying to boost their website traffic is easily keywords. Without the right keyword then it can be very difficult to optimize your websites content. If you can’t get people to your website then to who are you selling?

Targeting a keyword will allow you to know how many monthly searches a month and competing websites are within this keyword if you use the right tool.

Keep reading as you will find out what tool I use for keyword research and that works wonders!

How To Check Your Website Ranking?

Now that I gave you some general tips on how to get your website traffic, its time to find out where your website ranks. This is very important but you shouldn’t get fixated on where you rank. In the beginning it’s best to concentrate on how much quality content can you deliver to the search engines.

Without quality content it’s nearly impossible to ranked and if you haven’t done that I suggest you begin with that right way. Do all website ranking tools work the same ? This is a big NO!

There’s many different programs/tools that can give you a ranking on your website but a lot of them fail to provide real credible results. The reason say this is because they rank your website on different stimulants.  At the end of the day no tool will actually give you the correct data because they’re not the owner of the website.

The only way you can actually see your websites assessment or rankings is for instance let’s say you wanted to check your Google rankings then it would be to install their webmaster tool and then install Google analytics. It’s actually free if you were wondering and they give you an exact breakdown of your traffic.

Let’s stake a look at this tool called Alexa..

How Does Alexa Ranking Work?

If you don’t know what Alexa is by now then let me simplify it for you, it’s merely a tool that checks your website ranking against all websites in the world. For starters this is a scam and you should just run the other way .

There has been a big misconception when it comes to how Alexa affects our website and if helps with SEO (search engine optimation). I’ll help you make the decision for yourself.

Alexa gets it’s information by how many people download their toolbar. If the person searching for your website doesn’t have this alexa toolbar then that search wouldn’t be accounted for. Now this alone removes any thought of using Alexa to check the progress of your website.

When you install the toolbar you should know it comes from the adware category and if you might have the trackware that comes from anti virus programs then you can bet that your website data is being monitored.

At the end of the day this is pointless because all these reports are make believe as you can tell that the sources used to track your website traffic are not real.

A better option or tool and that actually helps with website traffic via rankings is

Does Alexa Have Anything To Do With SEO

The truth is Alexa is honestly as close to a complete bogus program as there is. For some reason people seem to be confused on the purpose of Alexa and they correlate it with how successful your website is or how well your website will rank.

For starters Alexa doesn’t serve any real purpose as for the reasons explain and also they are not intertwined with Google in any way at all. They are actually owned by amazon.

They don’t hold any value to seo or website ranking. For some odd reason people believe they help with your Google rankings and how much visitors you get.

The sad part is I would be fine with Alexa if they didn’t try to sell you an such an expensive monthly program that they call a tool kit, it’s their own analytics. They have different pricing options but believe me it’s not worth it.

Now if you remember what I said about Google Analytics, you too should be shaking your head as Alexa is charging you $149 as google is providing you this service for free.

My final opinion is that I do not recommend Alexa ranking as it doesn’t contain any real legitimate purpose to any website.

Check My Alexa Ranking

Now if you’re interested in checking your Alexa website ranking then you do so visiting their website and you will see the option or by installing the toolbar which I would not recommend. I for one don’t like programs tracking my website activity unless they’re credible but this is not the case with Alexa.

If you install their toolbar, the moment you do this your website now has eyes on it 24/7.

These ranking you shouldn’t even pay attention to, as they don’t hold any significance to you and your website. It’s almost like an inside joke only if you get it will you know about it.


At the end of the day Alexa will not help out with SEO in any way. The best way to gain knowledge about this topic is to join the over 250,000 people online. Nothing beats it as this program has been around for years and it remains as the gold standard for online internet marketing. Don’t miss your opportunity to get rolling now for free and be on the path to a successful online business that you can be proud of.


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