Do You Need Help Finding Your Niche ?

I remember when I first started my online business within Wealthy Affiliate and I was completely a beginner the number one question I saw members initiate to new members was, do you need help finding your niche ? I had no idea how difficult this question would be, I mean how difficult is it to actually find your niche right ?

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I really had no idea the actual importance of a niche, I was shell shock but it wasn’t until I started making my websites that I realized the real importance that a niche can have on your success.

I will attempt to break down niche marketing as smooth as possible..

Finding Your Niche Affiliate Marketing


Step 1

You must do as much research as possible! Simple to make sure than one it’s a profitable niche and that is also not a saturated one. For example one of the more common one is health and fitness, as you can imagine there is money to be made but too many websites target that niche.

You can still stick to this niche but going into a sub niche maybe you are into working out, if that’s the case you can do reviews on supplement products. You see how I’m beginning to narrow it down ? By doing this I’m targeting a much smaller audience but at the same time I know that people that are coming to my website are more likely to purchase something then if I were to a general health and fitness website.

Step 2

Now you have an idea more or less of that a niche is, correct ? It’s so pivotal that you do your research because you don’t want to devote your time and effort to a website that’s not going to get any visitors.

Once you know your niche then it’s time to choose a website name and hosting that appeals to you which you can actually do for free right below this step.


Step 3

You must do the first two steps to continue on as this will be more of when you have your website. It’s time to add content to your website beginning with your privacy page, contact info, home page, and so on . ( the basic stuff)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then don’t worry, I would suggest you read up on my wealthy affiliate review which will go in depth about all this.

Step 4

Now that you have your main pages set up we would begin to write actual post about our related niche. You would need to do your research on the keywords you will choose to write about. If you don’t know much about this I think you will find a previous post of mind on how to do a keyword research valuable.

This is essential as if you choose the wrong keywords you will never be able to rank your website and ultimately get visitors on a daily basis.

Step 5

This step would be everything that is marketing as you should be aware that is a super big field and it will take time to learn the skills you need to apply these techniques to any online business that you wish to create. I should notify you that these are all general steps and many sub steps fall into these bigger steps.

Trust me from experience that it may all seem like a blur now but with time and effort you will create what we all envision, a steady online business that will deliver a passive income.

The Importance Of A Niche

Without a website a niche is useless and vise versa but you may ask what is the importance of a niche ? The answer, once you have a website and your niche, that’s like having your own piece of land or even real estate.

You will have your own piece of property isn’t that cool ?

The most important tip I can provide anyone starting off is that content will outweigh everything . So what do I exactly mean ? Okay when I first embarked on my affiliate marketing journey I wasted way to much time trying to create fancy headers and super neat pictures, when I should have been writing content because in the end writing will sell while pictures are for show.

When you go to a website that you search up on Google why is it you arrive there ? It’s usually because you want to find out something believe it or not . Back to your website, we need to focus on delivering the answers that people seek !

For Example, if I search for “is affiliate marketing a scam” I want to know if this making money method is a scam and I’m looking for someone that will provide this information to me and give me a solution to my problem.

This was something I learned early on and since then all I do is write, write, and write some more! This may seem impossible at first but as you get into the habit you will see yourself writing on a daily basis and trust me your website will thank you .

The more you write the more likely that Google will rank your website. Always keep that in mind because that is what’s going to bring you success.

Don’t Have An English Degree ?

That’s okay ! Remember what we were told as little kids practice makes perfect, well just apply it to your online business as there will always be room for improvement and the only way this is accomplished is by constantly writing.

I’ve come across people that have only started communicating in English but even then they are succeeding online and this is simply a result of persistence and not giving up. What makes anyone different from you ?

You have to want it as bad as anyone if not then you are not doing this willingly and are being appealed by the money.

Learn About Your Niche

If you have no idea what your niche is about or have no real passion what you are going to write about then I suggest you throw that in the trash and turn on your light bulb.

You want to be passionate about what you are going to be talking about as your writing will demonstrate the emotional feeling that is necessary to appeal to them.

Think about a niche that you have a decent amount of interest in or you are willing to learn it over time.

My Biggest Tip For Everyone

You have to love what you are writing about, if you do not see yourself writing about 200 posts in a years time then I suggest you rethink your niche. Every niche I’ve encountered has the potential to make money but it’s up to you to discover this untapped niche. But remember you want to be able to wake up every morning and say I’m excited to do a post if you lose interest your writing will definitely show.

You want your audience to connect with you as a person and not feel like they are reading a machine or a copy & paste article from Wikipedia .

Will You Make Money ?

This is probably the number one asked question that I hear but truthfully only you can find that out . Realistically if you stick to your online business then yes, but don’t think it will happen on Day 2. It takes time to build an online business because if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it .

Remember every niche has the opportunity to make money as I get tired of saying that to everyone but it depends on how much content you have. You cant expect a website that only has 50 post to make $10,000 a month it’s just absurd.

Not every product is so honest and sincere like wealthy affiliate, a matter of fact a lot of them are scams that people fall into. Even myself, I was scammed most famously by Empower network.

I hope I cleared your find on the importance of a niche and being able to leverage it through affiliate marketing. If you are interested in this type of online business opportunity there is not a better program that teaches these techniques in my book.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Need Help Finding Your Niche ?

  1. Kurt says:

    Hey Yunier. Great stuff here. As an online marketer, I found that finding my niche was the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Something you don’t mention is getting too hung up in the picking a niche phase. I would say play around with different niches while you are learning how to use the systems. You will know when you hit on a winner!

    1. admin says:

      That’s a very good point kurt, it’s true we waste too much time picking the “perfect” niche instead of choosing a good one.

  2. CJ says:


    Just wanted to say that this website is very helpful and informative!! Keep it up and I can’t wait to see what amazing blog post you are going to write about next 🙂

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much CJ ! Trust me the best is yet to come 🙂

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