How To Do A Keyword Research Like A PRO

What Is A Keyword?

If you ended up here you either have a website looking to get it ranked or are just gathering information. I want to say that you came to the right place as I’ll lay this keyword search out in a simple manner and even provide a couple of free tolls you can use for yourself. So how to do a keyword research huh ?

Before I continue if you don’t have a website or are just staring off I suggest to get an overview by taking a look at my guide to making money online.

okay, a keyword is really just a couple of words that you target within your post or page, the topic you will be writing about. There’s thousands of keywords that are being searched simultaneously in the internet. Remember about the last time you searched on Google whether it was to find information or just search for a product.

Just today I searched for “what are the fastest cars” this would be considered a keyword and this is something websites will try to rank under if their website is related to this topic.

learn how you can have access to which  keywords have the most competition.

Keep reading and you will see in detail what I mean.

There is 2 ways to rank in the search engines that would be ideal for your website. One would be to have a well established website and two would be using the less competitive but highly searched keywords to optimize your content.

Can you just imagine writing 100 posts for your website and they all are within the most competitive searched keywords in the internet ? Yes. you will have a lot of content but it’s going to be really difficult to get ranked in any search engine.

Let’s focus on if those 100 post were all low hanging keywords (the least competitive keywords) then if this was the case it would be very possible that you will have ranked on the first page of Google or even yahoo for that matter!

Meaning better ranking=more traffic= more money !

 What Do We Look For When Searching For A Certain Keyword Or Phrase?

This is the step in when people usually take the wrong turn. Just because you post constantly does not mean you will get ranked.

You have to narrow your topic down as it’s not the same of searching for “what are the fastest cars” than “fastest cars”.

Learn how Jaaxy can help you with keyword research.when you look for a certain keyword that you might want to rank under, what should you look at ?

  • How many monthly searches a month does this keyword get ?
  • How many competing websites are there?
  • How likely is it that you’ll rank in the first page ? (scale of 0-100)

Those 3 questions Jaaxy can answer easily. I hold a very big importance within keywords because without keywords we wouldn’t be able to know which audience our content would be targeting.

With keywords we can see how many visitors we will be getting within a certain keyword and this is best to review our websites productivity.

Who’s your audience

Once we get the hang of keyword research within jaaxy, wealthy affiliate own free tool, or any other resource you can begin targeting your audience. Who’s actually our audience though you may ask ?

Are you going to be offering a website that advertises electronics; in this case your target will be old kids/young adults probably. As you can see there’s a market for everyone but we just need to know which is our audience. You can even hold campaigns for the certain group you will be targeting but that’s a lesson for another day.

When your beginning all you really need to know is who do you want to target and actually start writing content on your website but not without doing your keyword research as you’ll get more from your website later on.

The best way to do a keyword research

Doing an actual key research can be a daunting task and some of us just don’t know. This is where I come in as I’ll be sharing with you how to do it so, it will be a process you’ll repeat constantly. First off you should really know I learned all this because of wealthy affiliate, take a look at my review here. 

As you may know the 3 questions that you should concentrate on when searching for a keyword research but there’s more to it. I recommend that you search for a keyword that has about 100 monthly searches on a minimum. Your keyword research ideally should have less than 150 competing websites and also I would check what are the websites that are ranking in the first page of Google to see if their established or also blog websites.

In a perfect world there would only be blog websites in the first page of Google as these websites are fairly new, in resulting that you can outrank them fairly easy in comparison to authority websites. If you don’t know what authority websites, they are mainly just stable websites and have been around for years in the search engines.

It’s still possible to outrank them but will most likely take a little longer.

What did we learn

At the end of the day our goal with keyword research it’s to get traffic to our website. With traffic means the more probability that we will make more money. Will you rank for every keyword ? Absolutely not, because there’s to many measurements that are taken into account but if you follow the plan I and many others have used to elevate our websites from the floor into the top pages of Googles. This isn’t so hard and the only 2 resources I used for this were Wealthy affiliate ( the best program if you want a legitimate online business) and second, the best keyword tool jaaxy.

Thank you for your time and your attention. Please like, leave feedback, and even share if possible. Looking forward to your comments as there is much to learn.

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