How To Download YouTube Videos To My Computer in a matter of minutes

The Path to uploading video begins here

Hello everyone, today I will be covering how you can download any YouTube video to your computer in as little as a minute! I have always get asked this question so that’s how I came to do this post. I will be covering how to embed a YouTube video into your website, add a YouTube video into your PowerPoint, and even how to upload a YouTube video. Yes this is absolutely free and it’s just to help you out so here we go.

Download any YouTube video to your computer

Now if you notice if you’re into online business you don’t have all the time to make a video for everything you write about. Although I do recommend that you make videos on most of the things you are talking about but that’s a post for another day. Don’t think that this will be hard as it’s going to be a breeze so lets begin.

  • First you’re going to need to go to YouTube and search for the video you want.
  • Now that you have the video go to the url.
  • You’re going to remove the “https://www.” you should be left with just for example.
  • Now that you got that settled all you need to do is put “ss”before you tube and click enter
  • This will redirect you to a download link that you can use to download any YouTube video.


As you can see it’s super simple and everyone can do this. Now that you figured that out onto the next one.


How to embed a YouTube video into your website

Now this is probably the second most asked question when it comes to videos and websites. We like to use videos  of other people when we don’t have the time to create one or you just might want to leverage someone else’s video if it’s related to the content you are publishing. This will be concentrated on using word press but the same method can be used for other platforms. Lets get to it.

  • First off go to YouTube and find the video you like or want for your website
  • At the bottom of the video on top of the description you are going to have to click on the share option
  • Now 3 categories should come up share, embed, and email.
  • Click on embed and you are going to grab the html code and copy it
  • Now you will go to your website word press where you write your content
  • You are going to need to paste this code not under visual but the text option
  • that’s all there is to it is as easy as following those steps


See how simple that was! Let me know what you think about it or if you have another method that you use.

How to add a YouTube video into a PowerPoint

I left this was one for last because it’s probably the easiest out of the three. I see a lot of people still struggling with this even though its quite simple in my eyes.

  • First off you need to go into the PowerPoint
  • Next once you’re inside you will a slide automatically click where you would like to have your video
  •  Go to the insert tab on the top and click on insert
  • Now go click on the media option and then video


  • You will get 3 options now upload from files, from the web or a clip art video. Click on from the web
  • This will open a box where you would need to paste an html code now remember from the top video how we grabbed the html code now we do the SAME thing.
  • You paste it into this box and just hit enter. You will now have a YouTube video into your power point.

I didn’t feel this needed a video but if you need one let me know and I will create one for you. I hope you found this information useful and it helps out with uploading videos. Videos are making an essential part of internet marketing as it gives you another platform to create content and possibly end up linking to your website.

Please feel free to leave your feedback as I welcome all comments that you may have.



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