How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Through Affiliate Marketing

There is some false information out in the web that’s why I plan to show you how to make money blogging for beginners through affiliate marketing with the very ways that I was taught.

Being an affiliate marketer can be very lucrative but maybe you are new to all this type of stuff. If that’s the case, then I highly recommend that you take a look at my beginners guide to affiliate marketing.

Creating an online business is one of the most satisfying things that I’ve done throughout my career but this has only been the case because it was of high quality and not spam. Be careful of falling into the trap of low quality, full of spam content that your readers and even more importantly Google will not approve of.

In this day and age you want the search engines to absolutely love you and this is accomplished through writing high quality articles that provides a solution to your readers.

EX: I f your readers are coming to your website because you wrote about ” how to make money with twitter ” then don’t start talking about Facebook or Instagram. That’s just lying to your audience and well, you will end up with a pretty high bounce rate in Google Analytics consequently.

Let’s get to it then.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Through Affiliate Marketing

 This post today is not going to get into the whole set up of a website as this was already addressed in my beginners guide, it is however going to dive straight into how you can make money as an affiliate marketer through blogging.How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Through Affiliate Marketing

If you already have a website then I’m assuming you have a niche as well.

I’ve talked about how a niche should be about a passion you may have or something you are very interested in and are willing to devote enough time to. For instance, when I first started with affiliate marketing I had no idea what It was but I was very interested in the topic which moved me forward to create a website around this niche.

You can follow my example or just head in whichever niche that you may desire.

Advice On Your Niche:

  • I can’t stress this enough , follow your passion not where the money is at
  • Research your niche enough till you are sure that there is a demand for this topic
  • Get ready to review products within your niche as this is one of the easiest ways to make money online
  • Products can be digital or even physical

Find An Affiliate Program That Fit’s You

Begin searching for affiliate programs by going to Google and typing this, ” niche + affiliate programs” plug in your niche and you should get a good amount of affiliate programs.

This should work well as you will find affiliate programs that pay out a lot more than your traditional Amazon affiliate program which ranges from 4% to 10% .

Finding The Low Competition Keywords

This can be done multiple ways but you usually are going to need a keyword tool so you don’t just write content hoping that your keywords are of low competition. You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free and use 30 searches. I have unlimited searches because I’m a premium member which has a lot of benefits but I’m not getting into that now.

I personally go to forums related to my niche and see what people are talking about. After this, I usually end up with a lot of ideas but I’m always jotting down because my brain isn’t an encyclopaedia ( I wish it was lol ).

Once I have some ideas I go to my keyword research tool and start going one by one till I see one that isn’t highly competitive. I tend to aim for keywords that are under 300 competing websites but the lower the better.

The longer the phrase is the less competition you will normally have. A 2 word keyword is going to be much more competitive instead of if you find a 5 word one.

Be in the lookout as I plan to write a post on this very topic soon.

Quality Content

We have arrived at the kings cubicle ! Quality content is king to anything in the internet world and rightfully so. Your content doesn’t have to be along the lines of some of your favourite authors but it has to be of high quality. What is High Quality though ?

If you ask this question to 10 internet marketers, my guess is that you will get 10 different answers. High quality can be many different things, a quality article may only have 300 words but it gives you a solution.

On the contrary, you can find an article on Google with 1500 articles but after you finish reading it you actually have more questions than when you originally came with. What does this tell you ? The author didn’t do a good job of providing a solution which resulted in not the highest quality of articles.

I would try to write around 1000 to 15000 words per article if possible as Google will like your content some more as content length is still a metric to ranking. Keep in mind, content length is only one of about 200 metrics.

Become proficient at writing quality articles and trust me, Google will just fall in love with you. This is what people don’t understand, the search engines wants to give you a spot in that first page but if it isn’t high quality then I’m sorry it’s just not going to happen.

The Art Of Sharing Your Content

Making your website visual will help your visitors share your content and even just staying longer to possibly buying something. A websites design is a visitors first impression which you want to make a positive one. If a website’s design is nice with different color schemes that makes your content stand out then they are that more probable to read your content.

Using a good social media plugin helps a lot as it makes it easier to share your comment. Even having a pop up after they finishing reading your content is helpful as they are more likely to take action after reading the whole article.

It’s also very important to get to know other website owners within your niche. Begin to build connections with other bloggers as this will give you more recognition. Even do guest blogs if given the opportunity as it will make your website stand out and even become an authority eventually.

I would focus a lot of my time with outreach , this is vital to a websites success. We need to work on displaying our website to Google Eyes instead of waiting for Google to eventually notice it. In other words, don’t publish content and expect the search engines to rank it. Share your content as much as possible through out reach strategies which is going to help you climb through the ranks. On the contrary, it will take a lot longer to rank if you are doing the publish and pray approach. We want to make the process as short and simple as possible.

The Making Money Part Has Arrived

As much as we want to make money this can’t what is on our minds. This is the final objective for sure but we can’t write content with money on our minds, we have to think about how we can help people online instead of how we are going to make money off them.

You should place a substantial amount of emphasis on building your audience , traffic , and even followers . Once you achieve this then it’s the appropriate time to think about money. I wouldn’t monetise my website before I’m seeing some post end up in the first page of the Search Engines.

We can monetise our websites in many different ways like:

  • Writing niche related product reviews
  • Private advertisers
  • Google Adsense can be extremely beneficial if you are bringing a good amount of traffic

These are some of the more popular ways to monetise our websites but this isn’t the hard part. In fact, there are 1000’s of ways to to do this but the sad part is that gaining traffic is the harder part,

My Conclusion

The real way on How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners Through Affiliate Marketing should be very clear. This in reality is done by writing highly quality content that brings in traffic over time, then after this step is completed and mastered  we can focus on monetising our blogs.

There are no shortcut to affiliate marketing like many people are looking for. The more you come to the realisation that we need to stay away from the shiny objects online is the more likely that you will succeed with your online affiliate marketing business.

If you found this post useful but have some questions, don’t hesitate and contact me 🙂

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