How To Make Money by Blogging In 2015

You think you need Google AdSense to make money for your website ? Learn how to make money by blogging in 2015. If you answered yes, this post will open up your eyes on why Google AdSense is dead in 2015. Less and less people are caring about AdSense and rightfully so. Did you know you could be losing a lot of money by having it on your website ?

People usually think this is the only way to make money but boy are they wrong. Do you think Blogging would be so popular if AdSense was the only source of your income ? I mean how absurd is that right ?

It’s cringe worthy to see these advertisements on websites in reality as it turns me away most of the time. Making sales is much more efficiently done by placing subtle links in your content. Doesn’t matter if it’s a product review, case studies, or what ever it is.

If anything you are actually turning the small attention span from your audience into a distraction leading to a higher bounce rate. You can start saying bye to your conversation rates. You are setting up yourself for failure as you are less and less likely to get returning visitors and two it doesn’t seem very likely that someone will join your email list like that.

Yes you may think that content is king and well it still is but the king needs attention if not it cant rule it’s territory. If you plan on having big dreams I suggest you steer yourself into the bigger picture and think about the future.

It’s nice to get a couple dollars here and there but do you really want to do that at the expense of  the trust worth of returning visitors ? I think not when it is put in this perspective.

Over The Years What’s Important ?

If you think about it, have you noticed that those big popular blogging websites avoid those sidebar advertisements ? This is simple because rarely do people actually click on ads anymore because it tends to spam like. Whether yours is spam or not is actually irrelevant, as the mindset of people has shifted and will not bother with ads.

If you want to make money it’s going to be done through your content but that cant be done when there are distractions. I suggest you clear up your website and focus on writing more consistently. This will help you generate traffic and eventually sales.

If you are new to the internet world go take a look at my basic blogging don’ts that every beginner should follow. If you want to make money by teaching others about your niche I suggest you surround yourself with teachers. You may be asking why ? Is actually very simple, every company that has ever been founded had a set of team members helping to accomplish the same goals.

I don’t mean hire a writer or anything like that, I mean for you to become an expert you have to learn from the experts. It’s pretty simple, before you teach you need to learn and before you learn you need to read.

We never can stop learning as the internet is always changing which demands us to adapt and enhance our knowledge at all times. If you fall behind it will show with your rankings as you can wake up one day and feel totally lost. Stay on top of the game at all cost necessary. The bloggers that have been able to do this are the ones that are still around controlling the top of the search engines.

How’s Your Content In Length ?

Did you know that the longer contents achieve better rankings and actually increase your chances of getting backlinks. I actually was studying this for a while and decided to start snooping around until I had enough information to deliver it without holding back. As a visitor what is your assumption when you see a short post ? Personally, if it’s at least under a 1000 words I don’t feel they had the time to write anything good or maybe they just thought shorter is better.

The reason longer contents gains more steam online is because you are teaching what you know and are not just re-wording other websites content. Trust me, if you have something good to share your audiences will thank you along the way. The climax in lengths is usually between 2000 to 3000 words as that seems to get the best results.

It’s just not about the words as anyone can ramble on for about that many words. You need to make sure that what you are saying is going to be valuable for your readers and that they can take something from your content. It doesn’t matter what it is ! Don’t look at me crazy, a brand is build by leaving images and memories in our mind.

You need to find a way to be remembered and a good start is by making good impressions with your audiences. If you acquire the tendencies to leave quality content time and time again then you will gain a face in the internet. Your post will be shared more consistently and gain more exposure through the social medias. On that note, I’m going to let you know why social medias aren’t as important as some may think.

Social Medias Are Overrated In The Beginning

We all know that for SEO purposes we are always told to share content to all our social bookmarks but is that really that beneficial in the beginning ? This is just my opinion but hear me out for a second. When you first launch your website and write your first post what usually happened when you shared it ? Absolutely nothing.

A couple of shares really holds little significance but even though, people still spend too much times trying to share and gain exposure. You are better off using that time more valuable and writing more content or even start guest blogging as you are now targeting a different unique audience.

Let’s stick on the topic, if you don’t have at least 5,000 followers you are wasting your time. Not just that but if you don’t get a decent amount of shares from the beginning then I see your website stalling a bit. It will be more beneficial to build your social circles first and then when you have a decent amount of followers share your content as this will be huge.

With more shares your website will gain authority in the search engines and make your life a whole lot easier. The number one newbie mistake is honestly not spending enough time on their website as they get fixated in sharing the content through the big 3 ( Facebook, twitter, and Google )

Just think about it if it’s 5 hours a week you spend on social medias, how many post could you have done in that timespan ? Setting your priorities from the get go is the under lying foundation that your online business requires to be successful.

The Biggest Asset You Will Ever Have

No this isn’t a continuation because it’s not social medias, it should be very clear in everyone’s mind that email marketing will be where the money will be made. As people are always asking of how much you can make online, right ? Here you just hit a gold mine as this will be the biggest indication of how much money your business will earn on a monthly rate.

It’s pretty much a dollar per subscriber in most cases. Not everyone will buy from you and that’s okay as long as you can outsource your blogs resulting in reaching out to your audience. It’s not always money as an email list can definitely increase your monthly visitors to new heights as you can have a gauge on the amount of visitors you will gain at the minimum.

I recommend to not turn your list into a sales pitch because you want your list to view your post time and time again. If you start spamming them with sales pitch after sales pitch then you are going to have a worth less email list. Treat your customers right and they will return the favor.

People don’t usually buy or are sold on the first encounter it’s usually done as I like to say behind the trenches. Imagine going to a dealer and searching for a car. You will have a sales agent there ready to convince you to buy the car but there is actually two routes they can follow.

They can either go the sales pitch route and try convincing you to buy a car at all cost necessary or try to genuinely help you make a sound decision. If you cant decide he will give you his business card and best believe if you go back to that dealer you will want to have this person as your sales agent because you two made a connection.

You Need To Be Sharing

Before the assumptions begin I’m not contradicting myself as this isn’t your regular type of sharing. I’m talking about blogger sharing as this will probably deliver the most results now and in the long run. Reaching out to other bloggers and asking them to share your posts is essential as this will provide some huge exposure possibly.

It’s been said that you should spend the same time you write on reaching out to other bloggers online. This is actually hit right on the nail because honestly content is great and all but if it doesn’t reach the computers then it’s just blank words on a paper.

Personally the less you spend on writing content and the more outreach that is being done the more success you will attain. Think I’m crazy ? Just ask any full time internet marketer on what they focus the most.

Teaching Is Revealing

You shouldn’t hold back when it comes to your content and I’m not talking about the length of your articles. You need to be teach and don’t hold back as the more your audience learns the more you will be in demand. Ever heard of “back by popular demand” When this happens you will be asked to write more articles.

If you can make that connection with your readers then they will crave your expertise. Make it your responsibility to spread as much knowledge as you have inside with ever niche you take part in. This is what I hate about blogging as the internet world tries to hold back and be selfish about their methods. We should all reap the benefits of our hardships and struggles, I don’t bother with people that are not willing to share their experiences me as it rubs me the wrong way.

The only place I’ve ever encountered that has a community of internet marketers that are willing to share what they’ve learned , tested and proven is inside Wealthy Affiliate . Here comes the end of this post and if I can ask you to share it. Not for the popularity but for others to see how making money online by blogging is more than achievable .

In conclusion, the best part is sharing our experience, skills, methods, and so much more that makes it worth while. I don’t like being greedy as I would absolutely love for other to gain access to the same platform that gave me the opportunity to gain more online. It’s really important to mark the path to success for incoming bloggers and that’s exactly what I hope this post does.

Achieving our dreams is the best thing we can do but at the end of the day we all want the freedom to gain money online and work from home. It’s time to show people that blogging for an income is very realistic.

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10 thoughts on “How To Make Money by Blogging In 2015

  1. Jazmin says:

    Nice work, makes total sense. You hit on a lot of important topics and it shows in your writing how passionate you are about helping others achieve success.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      I’m very passionate about helping. Soon enough there will be more people in the passionate I am now to reach out and help others 🙂

  2. Marv says:

    Hi Yunier,
    You are certainly right about being honest and writing good content. The more helpful you are the larger your list will grow.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Hello marv, thank you for the nice words and yes a list is where the success now turns into longevity

  3. Jennifer says:

    Great job on your post. You have some good points withing your post, I am also apart of wealthy affiliate and enjoy being a member %100, I have learned so much since joining, and still learning. Keep up the good work!

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Thank you, be on the look out for more informative post in the near future 🙂

  4. Julian says:

    Longer (super helpful) content. That is something I am gonna be trying to do this year. If you look at Google’s top 10 or even top 20, most of them will have at least 2000 words…especially for the keywords with higher competition.
    Great article, Yunier.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Most definitely Julian, this will benefit you extremely as Google will prioritize your website eventually

  5. Jewel Carol says:

    Hi Yunier

    Thank you for yr wonderful blog post on “how to make money by blogging in 2015”!!

    I simply love yr clean and neat website and you have a nice profile picture. 🙂 I certainly agree with you that email marketing should be our greatest asset and it is where the money will be made. I have in the past made some money on affiliate products but what I had learnt from that experience is that I should have started a listing building years ago. But i think it is still not too late now, so I am also starting to build my subscribers this year.

    Also, I agree that all bloggers should write something that is of high quality and at least 800 to 1000 words. Though it is not easy but I believe it can be done, I am also struggling in this area, so yr blog post does remind me on that and thank you for it!!

    Anyway, I want to compliment on yr great blog post and I do not regret coming to yr “” site. 🙂

    Jewel Carol

    1. Thank you for the complement jewels, some people will be successful selling affiliated products but an email list has so much for more possibilities as for example the day one writes a book you can place it in front of thousandths of people by email instead of putting up at amazon and hoping someone will come across it.

      I feel internet marketing hasn’t even entered its peak yet as there is more that is coming and this will pay off big time for people started it a while back. it just a very fortunate opportunity for anyone that will like a chance to escape their 9 to 5 life.

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