How To Make Money From Home – 20 Ways That Work in 2015

I tend to usually just focus on review some home based business opportunity but today I want to take the time to give you my 20 ways that I compiled on the topic that so in demand, how to make money from home. Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to work from home and escape their 9 to 5 life ? I’m pretty sure all your eyes are popping like they are 3D or something haha

Think about it for a split second.. Who wouldn’t just want to be in front of their computer on the internet making money or even when you are sleeping ! What type of job will offer those type of incentives ?

There are many ways to make money from home but in this post I will list the most relevant and give you some general information on them. Now with that being said let’s begin !

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the one method that I’ve concentrated strictly since the birth of my websites as it’s very simple. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission from a product you wish to promote on your website. Think about it, have you ever found a product you really like (it can be just about anything).

This product that you really like you can easily write an article reviewing this product and why you like this product so much ( what is the product, pros , cons , customer complains , price , where to buy it, and ect ). There is a lot that goes on with affiliate marketing as far as different techniques are concerned but it’s not an overly complicated opportunity.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing ? I suggest you take a look at this article from pat Flynn on affiliate marketing as he covers this topic very well.

2. Domain Flipping

I hate to bring bring math into this but we are talking about money so it’s only appropriate lol Businesses buy products at a low cost then sell it it to the public for a couple more bucks or in some cases a lot more but let’s find the correlation to Domain Flipping.

Domain Flipping is basically buying a website domain name (The URL) with the intent to selling it to the public. There are some basic guide lines that should be followed like is domain name high searched keyword, is it brandable , Page Rank, and a lot more.

Take a look at this small guide where Nick Gibson talks about how to sell domain for profit. It has some very easy to read information for any type of person.

3. Fiverr Gigs 

You probably have heard of this but I had to put it because it’s a pretty big platform  but for those that don’t know, Fiverr is an online market place where people can offer their services starting at $5 a job . I really like it as it has all types of cool stuff.

It’s actually really easy to get started and can be quite fun, head over there to to get started for free. Some examples of gigs can you could probably do (depending on your skills) Logo creation , cartoons , write content , and a lot more !

If you are in the world of starting your own business take a look at these 19 Gigs from side hustle nation, some pretty cool stuff.

4. Create A Podcast

Now creating podcast in the forms of audio files this can be very profitable as long as you have some quality stuff to say. The podcast that you create can be sold online or can even be used as some advertising tactic.

For instance, if you had a website where you normally blog about certain topics within your area of expertise you could make a members area where your podcast could be accessible. How do they get access to your podcast ? By becoming part of your email list !

This has been known to work for many experienced internet marketers but this could really be done by anyone. Take a look at how to make a podcast by Joe Donovan it’s rather beneficial as it holds some very good starting points.

5. Earn Money By Listening To Music

This is a pretty cool idea if you ask me as I’m a big fan of music rap specifically. I use the website called but there are many other, so what do you do ? This website was really made for aspiring artist but you basically listen to a song after the first 90 seconds you will be asked to rate it and give your short review on it. You usually earn from 10 to 20 cents per song ( you could only listen to the first 90 seconds if you want)

This helps you as you will make some money, nothing big but hey it’s something as you probably already listen to music on youtube right? Also the artist are getting feedback on their songs. This will help artist grow ,trust me I have some friends that are musicians and all they really want is to find out how they could improve.

Go take a look at the top 5 websites to earn money money by just listening to music.  Don’t be shy as I want to hear what your favourite type of music are ! I personally grew up on Eminem ALOT thats why I’m so huge on rap but that don’t mean I don’t listen to some other stuff (;

6. Earn Money By Watching Tv 

Now this one I really enjoy as I’m a big fan of shows and movies in general so this one was very appealing to me. You basically download an app the one I use is called Viggle but I should warn you it’s an apple product meaning it’ll only be compatible with iPhone , iPad , and iPhone touch.

I really like this because I already watch shows and movies on my iPhone so I figured why not just not download this app and get compensated for the stuff I watch ? You will be compensated in reward points that you could cash in for gift cards . I know everyone watches Tv so don’t play that card on me !

If you are interested in a breakdown of this app I would recommend you take a look at this Viggle Review by . Does this sound like something you would try ? I’ve done it in the past but it does take away some time but every now and then I do watch some shows on Viggle as who doesn’t like free gift cards 🙂

7. Make Money Online For Free With SwagBucks

There are many different ways to make money with SwagBucks and it is a legit opportunity as I myself have tried it on occasion. You could get paid for shopping like you normally do but instead of going straight to your shop just go through SwagBucks first find the store and SwagBucks will give you your points.

You can use their search engines just like how you would with Google. You pretty much search topics on their website with their search engines and you get compensated, pretty cool right ?

Create your free SwagBucks account today.

You can take surveys, watch videos, play games and even print out grocery store coupons. I feel there are ways to make money for just about everyone and there are fun ways that even kids will love. Points are pretty easily accumulated also which is a big plus ! Have you used SwagBucks in the past ? If you haven’t are thinking about it go take a look at my SwagBucks Review .

8. Rent Your Room

You wanted ways to make money from home and you got them! Some people might not be comfortable with this while others are but either way you can rent out your rooms if you want. A good place to find listings of such sort to get a a feel for the market in your area would most definitely be craigslist. 

You really need to think outside the box! I remember that my parents used to rent an extra room in the house for a long distance driver so every time he came down to Miami he would pay my parents a pretty good deal of money just because we kept the room reserved for him. Very nice guy as well oh and yeah we met him through craigslist so go figure.

9. Write An E-Book 

E- Books are really a short story in comparison to your regular books. These E- Books are generally around 10,000 words. Which if you think about it isn’t that long at all.

An E-Book will have many things like a table of content , specific writing for a targeted audience and a lot more ! Are you interested in publishing an E- Book then go check out Paul Jun Ultimate Guide it really deserves your attention.

You easily sell it on Amazon as that will give you the platform to leverage your writing and better yet, raise some popularity for your authorship. If you are a writer at heart it will help you out as it has done a good job of boosting many peoples career in the blogging world.

10. Get Paid To Use Bing’s Search Engine

If you are anything like me then you spend much of your time searching stuff on Google or Yahoo but what about getting paid to use Bing ? I’m pretty sure many people have not thought of this but the opportunity is actually out there.

Bing keeps growing as a search engine which is something that you should definitely keep in mind. The only player in the search engines isn’t Google everyone ! I actually like Bing’s search engine it isn’t that bad honestly but check it out yourself when you have some time.

Bing compensates you by rewards points that after the month is over you probably have about $10 in gift cards, pretty cool right ?

Go over and get started with your free Bing starter account now if you want.

11. InboxDollar Paying You to Watch YouTube Like Videos

If you aren’t aware InboxDollar is really paying you to watch videos but be aware they aren’t the most exciting things in the world but hey, who are we to turn down free money haha

Whats the catch ? There really isn’t a catch but these are just big brands that are sponsoring by putting these videos in front of peoples eye and well this is the method they chose to follow which isn’t a bad one.

You could make some okay money but don’t expect to be rich or make a full time income, nothing like that . It works well if you have nothing to do but other than that It’s not something I’d recommend seriously.

12. Did You Know That You Can Sell Your Junk Mail?

I don’t know about you but YIKES I get a lot of junk mails and instead of just recycling them or something, what if you actually got paid for them ? Well now you actually can with SBK Center.

In return for your junk emails they will exchange you a visa pre paid card for the access of your emails. They used to give you gift cards but they chafed over to Visa pre paid cards which means you can use it as a regular debit card.

You should note that not a lot of people do this so It might be a worthwhile opportunity to look into.You are pretty much getting cash for your emails where have you heard of that before ?

You can read more about this here.

13. Become An Online Juror

Now becoming An online Juror might actually be interesting as as you will be reviewing interesting legal cases from the very comfort of your own home. It’s almost like survey taker but for legal issues as this information helps assist attorneys.

Earnings usually range from $5 to $60 which isn’t so bad in reality but the down fall is the fact that sometimes there is a lack of opportunities. You choose which cases you wish to review as it allows you to be involve with cases you are comfortable with.

There is a pre requisition of being a U.S citizen with an age above 18 years old. Learn more information at .

14. Become An Virtual Assistant 

A virtual Assistance is basically a self employeed person that offers administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients that are in need of this type of help. Think of it like being a free lancer because well, that’s basically what you are.

This is good because you have no real boss and you will never get too bored on your jobs. In the U.S virtual assistant can be paid around $15 an hour but they could also be found at $3 to $6 an hour. There are many options out there it’s really up to you to decide which job will suit you better.

Take a look at Michael Hyatt post on his experience with a virtual assistant it’s actually very intriguing.

15. Become An Online Tutor

If you are like me then you probably had a tutor when you were smaller. There were many local tutor centers but that has kind of died down a bit in my opinion. Online tutors have become very popular for us that want to work from home and also for the parents of kids as it is a huge convenience.

Think about it, kids no longer have to leave their home to get the tutoring that is required for a further education. To be an online tutor you usually need some type of degree that makes you some what reputable. This type of job includes anything from helping a kid with their homework or all the way to teaching college level course work.

All you need for this type of job is your own computer and make sure that you have high speed internet as that is very important.

If you are interested in further information then you should check out the post on moneysaving on becoming an online tutor.

16. Virtual Transcription

Do you consider yourself a fluent typer? Most of us do as we are in this era that everything revolves around the internet. This type of job might be for you even though it won’t make you rich or even have steady work on a weekly basis but it is a good way to make some extra money on your spare time.

The majority of these jobs are medical transcription which will require you to have some basic knowledge about medical terminology.  As you may know there are many Virtual Transcription jobs being advertised on the web but a good way to filter out the scams from the real is by if the company requires you to pay for training or tools then you should walk away on the very moment.

Another good way to spot the scams is that legitimate companies will not ask you for your social security or credit card information . Be very careful with what companies you wish to work for specially if they ask for credit card, you to pay for training and most importantly your social security number. You should take a look at this post which names some data entry and transcription jobs.

17. Become An Website Tester

Now being a website tester there are some perquisites like being internet savvy, have a computer , high speed connection , and an updated web browser. One more thing, you will need to speak fluent english but thats pretty much it.

Website test usually take about half an hour max and they usually pay around $10 which isn’t that bad if you ask me. Why get paid for being a website tester ?

Many websites become too big with no sense of direction which you will see with some ridiculous huge menu. It’s all scattered which means you can’t find what you are looking for and a lot worse the search engines have issues ranking your website because the lack of direction has gone too far.

The search engines don’t know what your website is about. That’s where you come into play, you test out their website which like I previously stated takes about half an hour and you provide your overall review. Here is a nice post on 11 sites that will pay you to test out websites.

18. Become An Freelance Writer

Do you have writing side of you that has yet been untapped ? Freelance writers can make a lot of money in todays world as everything has changed from 20 years back where the process took weeks and sometimes months.

There are many websites that dedicate in giving out freelance writing jobs like . There are people that are always looking for writers and if you are good you may have a consistent job if you can find the right person to leverage your skills to.

Many website owners don’t really write their own stuff anymore they outsource their content. This is good for you as there are many people that need articles written for. I know a woman that makes an extra $4,ooo monthly by just writing articles for other people.

Why do people pay so much for writers ? It’s really a numbers game . What is to you paying someone $4,ooo for your articles on a monthly basis but those articles alone will bring you in about $20,000 is all an investment. If they are paying for writers that much you can bet they are making a lot more for their websites, that’s just some food for thought.

19. Become An Uber Driver

I personally enjoy driving so this was something I definitely had to try out . I live in Miami which is a pretty big market for driving fares in general. if you haven’t heard Uber is way of transforming your car to a taxi cab. You apply online on then you go through the process of signing up and they will contact you.

You will download their app which will be a GPS map which will show you people in your area that need a “lift” you would agree to pick them up and then they will tell you where they want to go.

You take them to their destinations and depending on the miles you drive, the time of day, and other variables is how much you will get paid. Here is a pretty good guide on getting started with Uber.

Some people claim they make a lot and others don’t so what gives ? If you drive at night you are going to earn more specially in the hot zones which in Miami would be like south beach and downtown among some but there are more. It’s not about driving more but rather to drive smarter .

20. Rent Out Your House For The Weekend

I’ve known many people that have one vacation home and another house where they live in throughout the year. They would rent out their vacation home throughout the year except for the 2 weeks they go on vacation. This is really smart as you get an extra monthly income that is quite useful !

Do you need to own 2 homes ? Nope, many people actually aren’t even home for the weekend to begin with so renting out their home for the weekend is actually ideal. This is something my mom actually does on the norm whenever she goes out for the weekend which tends to be like twice a month . Want to read more about this ? Take a look at the possibilities !

There are many resources on this topic but here is just one of them on renting out your house for the weekend. 


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