How To Make Residual Income Online?

The popular belief is that there is no real way on how to make residual income online but this statement is invalid. In reality there are many ways to make money online but not all of them are sustainable. If you were to ask 10 people how to make money online you would probably get 10 different answers. Then what is the right answer?

There isn’t a right answer to this as it really falls on you . Yes, how do you actually want to make money online ? It’s just like any other job in the non internet world. Do you take just any job that you are offered ? Probably not, it has to make sense for you and has to be appealing enough that you see yourself with that company for a while. Want to know how this relates on how to make residual income online?

It’s quite simple, do you like doing surveys online ? If you answered no, then you just answered my question from above without even knowing it. You can definitely make money doing surveys although not a lot,  it’s too time consuming and not enough results. If I am to spend time on something I want it to be able to show, now with that being said let me show you what is essential to make money online.

 Step One: A Website Is Essential For Online Success

For any successful person online, a website is the foundation that’s will allow you to grow steadily to new and better things. Here’s the idea of the mass consumption of making money online, just spam the heck out of all your social medias and hope you get results without scrutinizing your image. This isn’t the case, please be aware that to succeed online you need a website no if’s but’s about it.

Think about where you live currently ? If it hasn’t fallen apart that means there was a foundation in place from the start. Foundation equals longevity. Let’s apply this to an online business now, if you have your foundation ( your website ) then you are setting yourself up for some great success in the future.

Do a search on Google and look at the success the websites on the first page online are having. You will be hard to find any website in the top page of Google that isn’t well off financially speaking. I will help you on building that online business that will give you the success you desire if you put in the work and your time.

Step Two: Adding The Frame Work To Your House

Now your have your website ( or your house) but that’s only the beginning as a website just by itself wont bring you money. Back to the theme of your house, ever gone to a house that has just the basic stuff but when you go to a full design house it’s completely awesome in your eyes. We try building that second house and here’s how you do that.

Forget about all the designs that you see on those fancy websites, the real money is made in your content. Yes, that means forget about advertisements as that’s a distraction. We like going by a short phrase that goes like this ” content is king” . The websites that are working and seeing results today are the ones that place content as a priority.

Engagement on your website will outweigh any type of header, pop up, or any sort of thing like that. Engagement isn’t just content, it’s also comments, social media, to even videos. This is what the search engines tend to focus on, learn this and your opportunities online are endless.

Step Three: Visitors Are Your Customers

Once you have your foundation and frame work complete that’s when you worry about the visitors. There is no right way on getting visitors to your website, in reality there are many different ways this can get accomplish from free to paid traffic. The best way will always be by content, without content there isn’t a business.

Writing Content – Write constantly on your website targeting specific keywords and watch the traffic start coming in on a daily basis.

Video Marketing – This technique is very effective as it can provide a great way to attain backlinks as this is always beneficial.

Email Marketing – Want to keep the customers that have arrive at your website ? This is possibly the best method ever created as it applies to any business.

Pay Per Click (paid traffic) – Want to venture in the world of just paying for traffic ? Learn how you can target the specific keywords that can convert at the highest rate.

These are some of the most effective ways on getting traffic to your website, be aware there are others as well. If you want to learn more about these techniques I suggest you take a look at wealthy affiliate. Here’s what’s awesome about the training you will get, it’s actually free to sign up no credit card required. Making money online is something a lot of inside this community do as you might want to consider learning from pros.


Step Four :Time To Get Paid

This is what you will enjoy reading for sure. Once you have visitors to your website then the making money side of things is actually very easy as there is countless way on how to monetize your website which will allow it to make money.

  • Sell your own products
  • Sell affiliated products
  • Sell amazon products
  • Sell advertising
  • Google AdSense

These are just some ways you can monetize your website for sales but there’s actually a lot more. As you can see there are many ways to make money online but the first thing you need to is create your free website. Even if you aren’t looking to replace your job, wouldn’t an extra income in the side be nice ?

Get The Appropriate Help

To be honest, making money online isn’t as simple as plugin in the information that I provide and creating that millionaire online business, it just doesn’t work like that. I didn’t do on my own as there was going to be no way possible. As you will come across a pretty good amount of scams along the way that provide no real training or support for a pretty hefty price. The go in circles follow the path that many experts within our community have laid out for you. It’s free to sign up with no credit card required .

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I hope you found this post useful as it delivers some information that many so called “gurus” will never deliver to you. Let’s show the world that making money online is actually possible by sharing this information . Tell me what you think of this post or if you have had any negative experience with making money online.





10 thoughts on “How To Make Residual Income Online?

  1. Ian says:

    Hi, I have been looking into making a residual income online for many years. I have tried lots of different things form drop shipping on ebay to doing paid surveys. I then stumpled upon Wealthy Affiliate and bingo. Why didn’t I find this years ago. Thanks. Ian.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Haha thanks for the comment ian, we all wished to have found this community before as here lies the success to our future without a doubt.

  2. Della Hicks says:


    In this post you capture the essence of online marketing and promoting. All the best,

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Thank you della as I plan to deliver more information oh how to make money online.

  3. Muriel says:

    Hi Yunier! You wrote a good blog post here. If I were to be an absolute beginner, I’d find this information very helpful. You’re absolutely right, having a website in place is essential and adding content regularly is important also. I’d like to add that giving your content a “personal touch” makes it even better. Visitors want to have the idea that another human wrote it. Something that’s good, too, is to write about something you’re passionate about.

    After all, in order to keep on adding good quality content to your website, you should feel inspired to learn more about the topic you write blog posts on, right?

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Thank you Muriel, I was specifically target beginners looking on how to make residual income online. Also you are correct as content becomes “great” when you give it your unique touch allowing you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. The more one writes the more fluently and unique your content will become as practice makes perfect.

  4. simon watson says:

    A very good post mate i really enjoyed the read. Keep up the fantastic work. I like your writing. It is very well written.
    good luck

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Hello there simon, thank you for the nice words .

  5. Janet says:

    I very much enjoyed your materials. Really takes a beginner through the required steps. Good job!

    1. Hey there Janet,

      Getting started can be a daunting task for anyone ! That’s why I try to make my post as user friendly as possible (:

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