How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

Hey Guys/Gals ! Today I want to show you how to rank for a keyword in google with seven steps and one bonus step I’ve used for a while now that has really helped me out.

You are here to learn How to rank your content in Google because you want more traffic and more income. For my website I use affiliate Marketing which in my opinion is a really good way to make money online. Let’s not waste any more time and just dive into it.

Looking To Learn How To Rank For A Keyword In Google ?

You may have heard of affiliate marketing or how you can create an online business that will make you money. In fact, affiliate marketing has been around for 10+ years now and more money is being made now than ever before. How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

It’s important to know that if you wish to make money online with affiliate marketing you must master how to get traffic. You can go out and do what people 5 years ago did which was create a one page website and get paid untargetted traffic to your website or build a legit online business that will make you business for years to come.

This doesn’t work today because people are not so persuaded by these type of websites anymore and the search engines have become a lot smarter how they rank websites.

It’s incredible how much free information is out on the web ! You want people to buy from you ? The solution is rather simple, give people enough free information to the point they say “wow this guy/girl is really helpful”.

You have to become trust worthy with your readers in general. Are you more likely to buy from a stranger or your best friend ?

Creating a website is your first step obviously but Identifying your target audience and how you will get traffic is the most important process that you will need to master.

What’s the point of having the best product in the world if no one knows about it ? I rather have an average product but i’m finding a way to get this product out there to the people.

Building Traffic Isn’t As Difficult As It Sounds

People think that getting free traffic is like finding a needle in a haystack but this isn’t the case at all. You might even have lost hope in the past but I will show you the way I’ve ranked my articles which they all tend to rank in the first few pages of Google.

When writing articles it starts out with proper keyword research before anything.

I know many people that write about whichever topic they think of but this isn’t the best way to do this. We want to know how many websites we will be competing with and check out what these websites are doing so we can do it as well !

Think about it for a second, If there is a website on the first page on the topic “what are the best dog breeds to have” and the website has an article of 1500 words and you write 500 words what are your chances of ranking for this same topic ? Not very good right ?

Also, we want to know if people are even searching for this topic to begin with ! Imagine writing a 2000 word article on a product no one is searching for. What’s the point ?

Don’t worry I won’t hold back ! I’m going to show you Everything I do to rank my articles.

If you want organic traffic then you need to get your articles on the first page of the search engines (Google , Bing, and Yahoo). No one clicks on the second page !

Looking to learn the reliable and strategic techniques that has helped me get thousandths of visitors on a monthly basis ? Then try number one ranked program .

Long Tail Keywords Is Where It All Begins

You will be surprised on what an extra word or two to a keyword phrase can do in regards to the competition of that keyword.

Let’s take a look at two different keywords phrases and see which one will be easier to rank for.

The keyword phrase “How to make money online “ currently has 228 QSR (quoted search results which is the amount of websites that come up when you that keyword phrase in google in quotes) and gets around 162976 monthly searches.  Now this isn’t a bad amount of competition but we could probably do better.

I normally like keeping it under 150 and if I can under 100.

Now here’s another keyword phrase that I thought of “how to make money online for free” now this keyword phrase has 138 QSR and 9739 monthly searches which is a lot better ! We are eliminating 90 competing websites which is a lot . It’s about 10 pages worth of results in google.

I obviously would rather write for the second keyword phrase for multiple reasons. One is there are less competition websites and two if I rank for this keyword phrase I might even rank for the other one because this keyword phrase is just an extension of the other one.

Keyword competition can be rather complicating if you don’t know what you are doing but take a look at this post for further information on this topic.

The theory behind the long tail keywords is very simple.. We rather write for keywords that have less monthly search but easier to rank for than keywords that have a lot of monthly searches but also have higher competition.

By targeting long tail Keywords you’ll actually end up ranking for a lot of LSI Keywords. LSI are basically keywords related to your keyword phrase so if I do a guide on affiliate marketing then some LSI might be:

  • Getting free traffic from google

Affiliate programs

How to find a niche

That’s just so you get an idea but the point is that once you write on a topic you’ll naturally rank for keywords you probably weren’t intending to rank for. This is a way of the search engines congratulating us for writing helpful, engagement types of content.

The rule tends to be that the more words in a keyword phrase the easier it’ll be to rank for.

Comparing Two Very Similar Keyword Phrases

For the sake of this Ebook I’ll be using the keyword phrase “how to make money by blogging” which has the following metrics:

Monthly searches: 32591

Traffic to my site if i’m on the first page: 5541

QSR : 158 

If the QSR is under 200 is possible to rank for but new websites I will look for keywords under 100 QSR.

Now let’s take a look at a different variation of this keyword and see why appropriate keyword research is so important.

take a look at this keyword phrase  “how to make money blogging” and the metrics for it below.

Monthly searches: 32717

Traffic to my site if i’m on the first position: 5562

QSR: 348 

If you actually compare both keyword phrases the only difference is the word ”by”. This is a big reason why there are many people failing online and some people succeeding. You have to know what you are doing before jumping into affiliate marketing.

There’s more to ranking your articles then just proper keyword research. Now let’s take a look at some cool things I do to further increase my chances of ranking on the first page of the Search Engines.

The Seven Steps To Ranking My Content 

These seven steps pick up after you’ve written your content so I  assume you have written your content already so an 1,000 word article. Now I’m going to show you what works for me.

  1. 1. Meta Title – Is the title that the search engines show when you search for a keyword phrase. Take a look at the pic below.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

Now we will put a meta title with our keyword  in it which i’m going to stick with “how to make money by blogging” . It’s rather easy just look below.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

It’s very simple.. also, I only put the keyword phrase in the book but you can add more text to it but I would try placing the keyword phrase first.

2. Meta Description – This is the description that comes up in the bottom of when you search for something in the search engines.

I like showing better than writing so take a look at the picture.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

Now this Meta Description you can either insert it or just let the Search Engines grab your first 160 characters of your article and this would get used as the Meta Description.

I Like writing my Meta Description in the feature I’m about to show you since I can place my keyword phrase closer to the beginning.

Now, right under the Meta Title you will find the Meta Description.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

You can add a bigger description if you like but I usually will keep it at 120 – 160 characters. You want it to seem natural and not too forced. Let’s move on to step 3.

3. Add Alternative Text to your images ( You will need at least one image but the more the better) – when you insert pictures into your website you need to tell the search engines what it’s about. When Google crawls your website they don’t know what the pictures are of so that’s what the alternative text accomplishes.

Here’s how we would do this. Look to the right of the image.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro



4. Place your keywords in your content – It’s important you place your keywords a couple time at least inside your content and then just write like if you were talking to a friend. You don’t want to come across as a sales associate.

5. Internal links (1-2 at least could be more) – Internal links are really important but if you want to achieve best results then try linking to old pieces of content on your websites.

Here’s a guest post I did about this very topic which will explain this in detail.

6. External links ( 1-2 is a good amount) – Now we already placed our internal links but external links are equally important. We will be linking out to authority websites that offer supportive information on the topic we are writing about. If i’m talking about Google ranking factors and what of the factors is content length if I find a website that wrote about “how content length affects your rankings” I would definitely link to it.

Try linking to wikipedia and other big authority websites when you can.

7. Youtube Video Embedded – Now this is an optional step but it will only help you out. Embed a related video into your post and will only help your rankings.

Why you may ask but it’s very simple, Youtube is owned by Google!

This isn’t a requirement in fact, I only do it for when I have a lot of competition but if I can rank without the Youtube video then I would.

How To Rank For A Keyword In Google Like A Pro

Bonus Step – Now that we’ve done the seven steps we are ready to publish the article but there’s two things I like doing right after.

Obviously, we will share it with our social medias ( could be one or as many as you like ) from experience, sharing it on Google plus is enough but share it.

I make an effort of writing a couple of sentences when I share it with my keyword phrase in those sentences. so , if my keyword phrase is ” how to make money by blogging”

Now after this we will go to our webmaster tools to fetch as google our article. This will send Google directly to this article to crawl it and rank it accordingly.

Below is a good video on using the fetch as google tool to help you rank faster.

After this step, just wait a couple of minutes then go check your position on the keyword phrase.


If you use these 7 steps and bonus with every article you write then I’m confident you’ll see the same results I did. Remember that in the beginning you need to target keywords with low competition specially since the sandbox effect is real with Google.

Once your website starts getting some love you can use these steps to rank much more competitive keywords. I hope you found this post helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Best regards,





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