How To Sell Stuff Online And Create A Legit Work From Home Business

If you landed on this post then you are eager to learn how to sell stuff online and today you will be learning how to do this. Do you have a product you like to sell but don’t know how? I will be sharing the same strategies that I use to create a legit work from home business and about over 250,000 members within a community are doing the same.

The truth is if you have something to sell then you are best off going through the internet as there are over 2 billion people searching, which it’s crazy.

Look at this scenario

The thought is let’s say you spend 500 bucks a month to have your own space to push your products for sale, right? This is nice and all but what business typically don’t know is that if a person visits your place and they aren’t looking to buy, they probably won’t.

Now maybe they liked a product but what is the likeliness that this person goes back to buy this specific product you have? The real truth is that this very same person is more likely to search the internet for this product then actually going back to where your product lies.

It’s simple, going back to a specific place has many circumstances that must go right before they return. First off, will they remember your address, will they want to drive over their, and lastly are they more likely to look for this product online.

NOW if you had an online business as well then this customer would have just gone to your website. Even if they don’t buy anything it doesn’t matter because it’s exposing your website to the whole internet.

My advice would be that if you are creating your own product is that you create a website that you can publish your product to and make it easily shared throughout the web. A lot of people lack the understanding of how beneficial the internet can be for you. This is something I will be covering throughout this post.

Let’s get started

So first things first, we need a website that we can publish our products or even other peoples products. Get started by writing your desired website name below. If you already have one then just keep reading.


The thing that people may be unaware of is that they believe that starting an online business you need to invest money and that’s just false. You just have to look for the right program and not fall under one of those pyramid scams. Once you have your very own website then here is where the opportunity really appears. I always recommend to everyone that has a product they want to sell or just make extra money, to build their own website; this is an asset to you, as you claim ownership.

Now by this point you should have your own free website but if you don’t I recommend you do so, as it will help you understand this post a bit better. Once you have your website then there’s the next step you have to follow, which is writing content. If you created a product I’m sure you have enough knowledge about this product to talk to others about it in person then why would writing about it on the internet be any different?

One thing you must understand is that Content is king!

Everyone thinks that just because you created a website and have some pictures with writing that the search engines will automatically rank your website to the number one spot on Google. I too thought this once upon a time before I came across Wealthy Affiliate, which I will talk a little about later on.

The more quality content you write the more visitors you will get from ranking on the search engines (Google, yahoo, and Bing). This is a step that is crucial for any online business as you should treat your website as you would your friends and family, you’re there to help them out. Obviously you want to sell your product online but you don’t want to be labeled a salesperson. You want to be someone that genuinely cares and is there to provide advice before selling. Inform your visitors about your product and be realistic don’t lie (If you care so will your visitors).

You soon will be a rock star on the internet! Its crazy how many people have actually used this tactic to earn over 10k monthly. My objective isn’t to sell you into the most awesome community but just to tell you that if you need help we are always there.

Once you have visitors you keep going!

Now what if you get stuck? That’s why I recommend this awesome community as there are 1000’s of experts and you will even get help from me! One on one help that you couldn’t find anywhere else! As you can see there is no reason why you would fail and maybe some of the members might even buy your product!

Tell me what do you have to lose? This is such a high reward low risk offer that every time I tell people about it, they sign up immediately lol It’s quite amusing at times but the reality is not a lot of people know about the strategies or even tips we share!

Want to know more? Take a look at the review I did on wealthy affiliate. If you need help within Wealthy Affiliate, I’m always there as a constant contributor.  That’s all for today everyone, I hope you found this post useful for you and your business. Feel free to leave your feedback as I want to hear your thoughts or any questions you may have.

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