How to start an online business for FREE !

What will you need to succeed

If you landed on this post I assume you are interested in opening but don’t know how to start an online business for free but luckily for you I can help. The first thing you will need is a website without question, if you don’t have a website you aren’t going to be successful. With a website you have something to work with and it’s not impossible to make money online as some people claim.

People think websites are so complicated to make but with the right program it can be a breeze ! I know this sounds like I’m feeding you lies, doesn’t it? Keep reading as you will find some pretty revealing stuff.

How about if I told you that you can make your very own website FOR FREE !

The internet has been simplified in todays age and has made it possible for people like you and me to accomplish what we wish for, our very own website.

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What Does A Website Consist of ?

The truth is not a lot of people know this but that’s okay as you can always learn this relatively easy. For example have you heard about a web hosting where your website is being stored ? There contains different functions that are essential for a successful website.

1. Efficiency of your site ( how fast your content loads)

2. Content management system

3. Good helpful content

4.How easy it’s to use

5. How professional is your site

If you can find a way to check mark all of the above than there’s no doubt that you will have a well establish and yes money making website as well. But how do we do this right ?

First and foremost I recommend, you use word press as they without a doubt offers the best and most efficient resources to make things short to the point and simple.

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Word Press In A Nutshell

As you probably have heard of word press in the past and rightfully so. This CMS (content management system) takes care of what I like to call the behind the scenes ground works. There used to be a time when people to have a website had to put the html codes manually and it was a real headache.

Now that all this backstage work is being automated, building an online business has never been any easier. The fact that you can build a free website on pretty much anything YOU desire has to be worth something.

Here are some benefits that I personally have found

  • No weird and complicated html code to put in
  • Very easy to set up and even better if your part of wealthy affiliate ( it’s integrated into their system )
  • The most diverse website templates you will find anywhere
  • You have access over thousands of features
  • Nonstop support and no hassle

These are just some of the reasons why I choose word press to run my websites. This one you are on right now is ran by word press and let me tell you I don’t regret it for the life of me.

Enough talking about me, let me share with you a video on how you can easily build YOUR website in no time at all !

Create your free website now !

Not just one website you can make up to two. On top of that you will get a whole community support at any time of the day. Three now that you have your website, you can make money online !

Check out my wealthy affiliate review and leave your feedback as you will also see in the comments what real members think of the program. If you need any further assistance feel free to leave your comment or you can find me in the wealthy affiliate community; under the username yunier123, as I’m a frequent contributor.


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