Identify If A Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity Is Actually A Scam

It seems as of late that the term multi level marketing has been scrutinised to point that any program or product related to this will be labeled a scam. Are you searching for a work from home MLM business opportunity ? If you answered yes, then I will help you identify if it’s a scams or not.

There are quite a few legitimate opportunities on the internet that allow you to sell certain products in the form of direct sales. Personally I have some friends that do this and they’ve had some success with it but it takes the right company to join. If the products aren’t providing any real purpose then it Webwill be very difficult to sell on a consistent basis.

Personally, I’ve tried these type of online opportunities but it wasn’t for me as there are better options to making money from home. If you are interested in how I make money online then I suggest you click here.

If you end up in the wrong MLM business you could end buying a whole bunch of products that could easily empty out your pockets and bank account in a hurry!

1. Are You Getting The Appropriate Training ?

Before joining any MLM business model you should definitely enquire about the type of training that will be provided. If you are responded with indecisive remarks and no real answers then this should be a sign. Always ask what type of techniques and support will you be given to succeed. If you are being asked to recruit instead of sell then thats a bigger sign that it’s a scam. Remember all these scams want is just more and more people under them just so they make more money with doing less and less.

2.Recruiting Instead Of Selling

I touched on this with the first sign but let me talk a little more about it. You might think that recruiting isn’t bad but if you are being persuaded to recruit for members to your team instead of selling actual products then this a run the other way type of sign.

There are companies that try to hide this by paying you 50% of your recruits commission but only temporary, who do you think is going to get that commission after the first couple of months ? The people at the top of the pyramid of course ! Now you pretty much wasted time recruiting and lost the objective which is to sell products.

3.Pressured To Make A Decision On The Spot

Are you being persuaded or pressured heavily by a companies representative to join ? It might sound something like this, you need to sign up now because this opportunity won’t last and you are missing out on the best deal of your life. These are tactics sales agents tend to use to convince you to go all in on some special type of promotion or price. You should think twice about companies representatives that use these type of tactics.

On the very least you should search for reviews on these companies and speak to a different representative. Also, keep in mind do you want to be around team members that try persuading people like this ? Just know if a product is good enough then it will sell by itself.

4. Does It Seem Unrealistic ?

If it doesn’t seem believable then it’s probably all a lie. When looking at online opportunities you need to use solid judgement by yourself when making a decision. For example, if a website tells me that i’ll make money on autopilot if I sign up for $3oo then its a scam !

No such thing as making money online that easy, it takes work. Does it seem so amazing that you can’t believe it ? Then go do some heavy research, look up reviews , and just try getting as much information as possible to make a decision without someone trying to persuade you. Be smart don’t act on impulse as it will backfire.


I’m aware that some people do make money online through a MLM type of program but the chances are that these people that are really well off are the people at the top. I for one don’t like this type of making money online method as there are way better and more efficient ways to earn income online. You can click on my number one recommendation below to see how I make money online without going door to door or anything like that, all I do is create articles on my website.

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14 thoughts on “Identify If A Work From Home MLM Business Opportunity Is Actually A Scam

  1. Dan says:

    Hello Yunier!
    I want to say a big THANK YOU for posting this, it’s really an eye-opener. I have been surfing the web for quite a while looking for an on-line money-making method, and so far I only came across with scams and gold diggers. I’ll mark your website as favourite and be back here soon. Thanks again for drawing me the attention to how I should address this issue. Regards, Dan

    1. Hey Dan,

      It’s nice to hear that you found this article beneficial ! There are plenty of scams online it can be hard to tell them apart but If you ever need some questions answered don’t be afraid to ask me (:

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Yunier, great site with helpful information, I was also a member of Empower Network they blocked my account because I would not pay $19.99 for the affiliate program so in the end had to cancel my debit card, but I am glad that I found wealthy affiliate as I have learned a lot in £1 month than I have with other programs in 1 year, keep it up as I will be coming back to get some ideas

    1. I totally agree with you tina ! Wealthy Affiliate really set me up for success as before i was just wasting money of scams . It’s nice to know that there are programs out there that really do care. Be sure to come back as I’ll soon have more articles for you to read (:

  3. AnnieLouisa says:

    Hi Yunier You are doing a very valuable job of alerting people to possible scams on the internet. This is a very good checklist for people to check out when thinking about an MLM business. Making money on line is possible but you have to be very careful about what you sign up to.

    1. I definitely agree with you Annie and thank ! It’s nice to know some people appreciate what I do (: just determines me to do more articles to raise awareness.

  4. Andyg says:

    Alot of MLM I come across are usually SCAMS masquaradeing as legit and the owners of which should be lined up and shot. If there was ever good advice on how to spot them it is definately in this article. Thankyou 🙂

    1. I agree andy, most MLM are usually scams with the intent of just trying to get you to promote and sell their high price ticket products. I’m glad you enjoyed this article and thank you for the comment 🙂

  5. Jeffrey Bado says:

    Excellent content, concise, to the point. Well done…Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!


    1. Hey jeff, thanks for the nice words ! I agree wealthy affiliate is what I always recommend nothing like it 🙂

  6. Jessy says:

    Hey there,

    Very nice article, I agree with this post 95%. The part about MLM not being a good way of making money is a bit off IMO. I was in mlm, YES it is hard, BUT when you are new to business, it tends to be.

    Although I love your “what to look for” very good information to have when looking at a new mlm. And the only problem I have with MLM is the pressure.

    You should never be pressured to go to paid trainings that are hours away from you if your not even ready!

    I loved this article and it comes at a great time since I was thinking about picking back up my MLM company that i joined 3 years ago (I just need to renew) and going.

    Also I looked at your WA review, Amazing article as well and I am 100% agreeing with that.

    WA definitely has ALOT to offer to people that want to make money online from home and have NO IDEA where to start.

    Again Great site, will visit again!

    1. Hey jessy,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this article as far as your comment is concerned, what I meant by its not a good way of making money online compared to other ways that are out there. Some of these MLM require to go door to door right ? Where I live at there has been case with customers acting on anger because someone has come knocking at their door that they don’t know.

      I feel you never have to pay for your training as why do you have to pay your boss to do your job more efficient ? In your normal jobs doesn’t your employee cover the cost of training ? That’s not something I am fund of about some MLM business.

      It’s just my opinion and we differ a little bit there but if you ever have any questions let me know and ill be happy to help you.

  7. Keye says:

    I have had similar experiences with Internet scams before I found Wealthy Affiliate. I love the helpful community and the training is the best and simplest I’ve ever seen. Best of luck with helping others reach their goals.

    1. I agree there is so much value within Wealthy Affiliate that no other program can really compare.

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