Is Affiliate Marketing A Business Or Just Fools Gold


Time to get over the fear of is affiliate marketing a business and take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities you will probably ever come across. There this misconception that affiliate marketing is scam or some sort of rip off type of making money idea. I want to be as clear as possible and this is started by saying affiliate marketing is NOT a scam or anything like that !

There are going to be programs out there that will try to sell you or persuade you into joining a scam but there is still hope if you do your research correctly. Go take a look at my #1 recommendation and you might just feel different about this topic.

What is affiliate marketing?

This is the process of promoting products through your website and using affiliate programs to earn monthly income. You may think that I’m just talking and creating a smokes screen but keep reading as I will even have a video of how this actually works!

I’ve been doing this for while now and have had success but I’m not a sales person. If you know anything about me is that I like helping people and I don’t mind sharing good helpful information with my audience.

I’m going to brake this down into essentially 4 steps.

Choosing a niche or interest

Tell me this are you passionate or have a desire to learn something ? Then you can actually make money online through affiliate marketing. The hardest part is usually choosing what you want to dive into, as many people can never really decide.

If you are worrying about if my passion can earn you money then you shouldn’t really think about it just go with your guts. As some niches are more profitable but then again they are normally more competitive and may take more time to make money with them.

From prior experience, your first website shouldn’t be a broad topic as this can make things quite difficult but never impossible. Lets say I wanted to start a website on “fat loss” that’s awesome that I like talking about this but truth be told this will be a difficult topic to rank for. Now if I were to target something more specific like for example “diet pills” then this is something that will be easier to rank for and earn faster and probably more money as your website over time will be known as the diet pills review resource that people will come to.

Building your website

Let me reveal me something if you come across a program that claims you will be rich over night and on top of that lie say you don’t need a website then you better RUN! The truth is that if you want to make an online income from home then you will need a website.

When people think about online marketing or making money from home, they automatically assume this will be easy. If you expect not to put in the work then I suggest you don’t keep reading. I’m not trying to be the bearer of bad news but you have to put your part in.

Now that we got that out of the way, feel free to write in the desired website name that you will like for your online business. Remember everyone it can honestly be ANYTHING.

 Attracting visitors

If you are new to this type of making money system or techniques, then I can assure you that the number one goal of anything business is to get traffic. Plain and simple, without traffic we do not have a business.

People try to think about making money too much and forget about gaining visitors. My tip number one to any of my fellow friends that are getting into this type of business is to focus on content and forget about the money in the beginning.

The more content you write the better as if you worry about money and try to get advertisement on your website, what would that accomplish?

Would you rather have a website with the best advertisement and no visitors or the most visitors but decent advertisement. The reality is if you have an audience then you will make money and potentially a good monthly income your way.

Earning Revenue

The magical question huh ? The thing that I love about making money online through affiliate marketing is that anyone can d it and in just about every niche! You are not being forced to promote a certain program or service and that’s what’s important.

You can promote anything you want and make money for it. There are so many affiliate programs in the internet that it will leave your mind baffled.

so basically you write about a product promoting it or just reviewing it, this will lead to traffic on your website and ultimately to visitors clicking on your affiliate links which will pay you out for those purchases.

I hope you found this post useful as this is a very confused topic that people seem to blinded with and like always feel free to leave your feedback.




4 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing A Business Or Just Fools Gold

  1. Tony says:

    Hi this is a very interesting post, Affiliate Marketing is a lot more simpler than people think.
    Thanks for the great information and the video!
    Cheers, Tony.

    1. admin says:

      That’s what I try to tell people ! No problem 🙂

  2. Srijan Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Yunier! Awesome post! It’s very informative. The addition of video makes the things better. You covered the topic of affiliate marketing exceedingly well! I am surely going to share this will all those who still think affiliate marketing is a scam!

    Thanks for the lovely post! Best wishes! 😀

    1. admin says:

      I’m glad to hear that srijan, most people are unaware of the possibilities that are possible in the internet and my main goal is shed light on this topic 🙂

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