Is Cash From Home A Scam ? Here Is What I Found !

I know that everyone wants to make money online and live their dreams which is why you searched up, is Cash From Home a scam ? They mislead you the whole way with pure hype around the sales page.Is Cash From Home A Scam ?

This review will prove why Cash From Home (CFH) is a scam and why you will not make money online on the side with this program.

What Is Cash From Home ?

This was not the first encounter I had with this program as I came across it before as there are many similar programs. They want you to believe that you will make some crazy lump sum amount of money just by posting links around the internet.

Posting links around the internet at random does not work anymore. One way you can get paid by your links is via affiliate marketing but this involves writing content which is how I make my money. Link posting how they teach it is spam people till you get tired.

Affiliate Marketing is not as simple as link posting but can be extremely rewarding. My top recommendation gives you the basic foundation of affiliate marketing for free and after then, it’s up to you if you wish to join as a premium member.

Back to Cash From Home

This is just a sales page which is really promoting 37 clicks of you actually paid attention to their disclaimer section. This isn’t something new as many programs out there have sales page that don’t really look like they are related. This is where your $97 will be going towards.

Cash From Home has actually been featured on Fox News, NBC News, USA Today, ABC, and CNN. They really haven’t ! A lot of programs do this but it’s BS. They just put this to make it look legit but in reality it’s just false promotion.

It’s so easy to create fake stuff around the web with websites such as fiverr with minimal investments.

The Lady On The Sales Page

This lady goes by the name of Cynthia Sprinter although she has been used under different names but it’s the same person. It’s always interesting reading that rags to riches story they always tell you but I guess it’s expected.

They use a picture of a stock photo that has been used with multiple making money online programs but they don’t really care of they didn’t do the research.

You will not make $379/day like Cynthia say’s … Link posting is not worth it anymore.. Will you make money ? yeah, you could but not how she claims. She overhypes Link posting which is where I call BS at.

People get scammed for one reason…. They want a get rich quick solution but this isn’t reality everyone. Making money online is more than possible since i’ve done it but honestly, it took a lot of hard work from my part. My website didn’t take off at first.. I had written 100+ articles before I started making consistent money but I stuck with it when most people gave up.

In the sales page, there is this income calculator which mind puzzled me because link posting is not something you can estimate. It’s impossible to figure out how much you could make off a link but people like numbers and the more money they “think” they will make the more they’ll believe it.

So, you are told that just post links for 30 minutes and you’ll make $300 but come on everyone, if this was true why wouldn’t everyone be doing this ? Doesn’t make sense at all plus I know this doesn’t work since i’ve tried such things.

I don’t even know who’s behind the cash from home program but it’s obvious they are there to take your money not help you make money online.

My Verdict On Cash From Home

It’s clear that Cash From Home will not make you the money they claim you will make. There’s too many CONS for this program to be even taking serious…

It’s a fake program that has never been featured in any news site but that’s beyond the point.. Posting affiliate links won’t make you money like that just by posting it around the internet at a draw from the hat.

Getting paid through affiliate links takes a lot of work but people want a shortcut like usual. If you aren’t going to cut corners and actually work for your financial freedom then affiliate marketing might be for you. Have you tried Cash From Home ? I would like to hear your experience.

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