Is college worth the DEBT? You might be surprised!

Some graduates earn as little as no graduates

I understand that people are generally deceived by the fact that they believe getting a degree is going to give them more money but is college worth the debt you accumulate ?. I know there are people that are going to argue this and rightfully so, but lets look at the facts.

First off I don’t understand how Americans have to pay for their education but that’s a different story. I have many friends that only have a high school diploma but are doing really well off for themselves and I ask myself does that make sense?

There was also a report in early September 2014 from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York , stating that a quarter of bachelor graduates earn about $27,000 that’s about the same as employees with only a high school diploma. It should be said that having a degree noticeably increases your income possibilities but what if you’re part of this quarter of bachelor graduates that don’t make what is expect and has to settle for a low paying job, what then?

What about if this is you? Now you have a loan to repay with interest building up and a high school diploma income to show for your efforts? I honestly believe if you don’t have a for sure job waiting for you once you graduate then you should double think your education/ life plan,

What to do?

I’m not telling you to demolish your education but to look at where you stand once you graduate. Do you have the experience that will appeal to the companies you will be applying for ? If not, what makes you any different to someone that has a high school diploma only ?

Remember education can be self taught and usually this is what a lot of people end up doing as they don’t have the funds to pay for an education. What happens when you cant find the job you are seeking, usually results in you settling for a job that only requires an high school education. Just because you have a degree to your name doesn’t give you any more value to a company, If you don’t have experience and are expecting 40,000k per year but there’s this no degree applicant with experience who you think is getting that job.

Yup, that no degree applicant but with related work experience.

It’s what you can offer to the company and in reality that’s all a company is looking for.

Don’t you want to work for yourself?

Do you like being told what to do or more importantly when to do it? I hate it ! Maybe it’s me but I don’t let anyone step on me it just isn’t my cup of tea. I always was inspire of having my own business and just being my own boss.

Then came that LIGHTBULB moment when everything in my life felt like it just froze! I thought what if I didn’t even have to drive to work or if I could just work whenever I wanted?

Well call me crazy but I have accomplished this and still most of my friends don’t believe it when I tell them. While they were earning their degrees I was at home building my very OWN website .

I knew you would never guess it 🙂 Now you probably heard about making money online and most of the times those programs are just scams. What I want to share with you isn’t a scam and as been actually proven to work time and time again.

You might be asking yourself well how do I know that he isn’t trying to scam me with some reverse physicology tactic ? How can I scam you if what I’m sharing with you is completely free, I mean what’s the harm in trying?. All you have to do is write what name you want for your website and I’ll be waiting for you on the other side with ONE on ONE training to help you!

To answer the main question though, college is worth the debt if you are gaining some type of related work experience along the way if not you are going to be up for a huge let down when the time comes to get a job. Ask yourself, are you willing to take this risk or is this something you are thinking about?

I build online business for free and it works for me.

I would weigh my options a little more careful as it seems that every day education is becoming less and less important to find the right job.  Leave your thoughts and comments on what you think is college worth the debt?

4 thoughts on “Is college worth the DEBT? You might be surprised!

  1. Michael says:

    Nice Website with allot of useful information on it.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Thank you sir, hope you come back soon 🙂

  2. Lis says:

    I like your writing style. You got me going at the beginning as I thought you was saying that it is not worth getting a degree. The main thing it gives you is an opportunity to get into a profession which isn’t cleaning floors and working in a bar. But I do agree, that experience is still king when it comes to employer choices. Working for yourself if also a brilliant idea, especially if you can learn for free. I will see you on the other side.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Yes I agree I seem to be misleading you a bit there lol You can definitely learn for free and add it to your experiences and education.

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