Is Content Still King And If So, How Good Does It Have To Be ?

If you have any familiarity with online marketing or even affiliate marketing, you must have come across the statement ” quality content is king” . I’m not trying to dispute this statement because I agree to a certain degree that quality content is vital to the success of your website but what do we consider quality content ?

If you start Googling keywords related to content is king then you will get a whole bunch of different opinions from bloggers across the board. Some say that you need to write 2,000 words per post but other say that 500 will suffice, but what gives ? We need to find a median where we can work from don’t we.

I would be first to tell you, I never thought I would write the top authority content and I still do. You yourself would be your greatest critique but if your content is helping your readers and providing some sort of solutions then you are writing top notch quality content in their point of view.

Having such fear is normal as everyone has experienced it one moment or another, the more we write the easier and smoother the writing process will get.

What Is Quality Content ?

How would someone rate quality content ? Some people state that if you don’t write 1,000 words of content then it’s not quality but is an article of one writing that many words more beneficial then you writing a product review that contains pros and cons but it’s only 700 words ? I would rather go for the one that breaks down the products, the thought of having concise and strong centered writing will provide a better experience to your audience.

Certain topics require you to compose more words while others require less words. Product reviews aren’t going to be as long as pillar articles or even tutorials. Not all websites in their fields are authorities which is simple, if you run an authority website then the demand for your expertise is much higher as you have the reputation that others are chasing. If you are just starting off then you are kind of earning your stripes and will be a while before your website is considered an authority as this usually takes years.

My point is, don’t judge your writing to authorities in your niche because they most likely have been doing this for years and have a team of writers that pitch in.

One High Quality Content Vs 3 Ok Content

This is something I learned through some trials and tribulation, would you rather write one amazing piece of writing or write 3 ok articles ? At first glance you would say quality vs quantity but what if that high quality content that you put together which took hours to write never ranked (this tends to happens because not all of your post will rank) ?

You would have wasted all that time for an article that never ranked but let’s say you wrote 3 ok contents for the same amount of time. Now the odds are in your favour as it is more likely that you will rank for 3 than 1. Some time has passed, you see that 2 of the articles you wrote have gained some steam and started to rank. I would go back to these articles and make these ok contents high quality content by editing them, for one simple reason if you get to page 5 with ok content then chances are that if you make that content high quality then you will end up in page one eventually.

This is a technique used so that you spend your time more efficiently and don’t feel like you are just wasting your time. I’m a firm believer that Google can’t break down your content dissecting if it’s high quality or not, for this sake I would put out ok content and see how it does within the ranks and go from there.

One mistake I made in the beginning was relying on the fact that having top notch quality content will send me to the top of the rankings but I started to review the top ranking post for these keywords and some didn’t even crack 700 words, what was the big deal ? Content is just one metric over like 200 different metrics that Google uses, meaning if your website has high quality links pointing back to it and you are only writing 500 words article then guess what, you are most times than not going to dominate the search engines for your keywords.

How I Go About Writing Content

The very first website I created was about Fat loss ( huge mistake) which as some of you may know is super competitive. I learned that quality content is king as this was drilled into my head and never really doubted it as this was the common conception. The issue with this was the fact that to write this crazy good content you literally have to spend hours researching or even days before you can even attempt to write such innovative and unique content.

I followed this for a couple months and I didn’t even have 50 articles, most of my articles didn’t even rank even though my articles were longer with no filler compared to the top positions. This actually made me rewind my train of thoughts as what are my articles actually worth. I mean, think about the time wasted for just one article that people will never realise.

Stop trying to be the best but do try to concentrate on being the most consistent. Once you get rankings it’s hard to lose those rankings unless you stop writing articles or do something unethical like copying content , pay for spammy backlinks, or something along those lines.

My Conclusion 

The point that I hopefully got across is the fact that you can’t judge quality content based on length. If you article provides a solution to a question that was initially there in 500 words then that content is just as quality as the next content within the search engines.

Be specific and get to the point, only you can deicide how long that will take. You will write a little and a lot in words as every topic you tackle will require something different from you but you are giving your unique perspective to your audience. Don’t sit on your last article for too long, get moving with your website because if you don’t then you are just moonwalking 2 steps forward and one step back is not the same as always taking a step forward.

Let me know what you think about this article as I would love to hear your thoughts.


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