Is DotComSecrets A scam? Are You Part Of The Secret?

Are You Looking For that Program That Will Teach You Internet Marketing?

It’s no coincidence that “making money online” is one of the most searched phrases through out the internet. Looking for the program that starts up for your path to making money online can be a difficult task.

There are too many programs that are trying to steal your money via the pyramid scam way. Is DotComSecrets a scam?

The answer is a BIG yes! Learn about why this is the case within this program.


Product: DotComSecretsx

Price:$1.00 for 7 day trial – $47.00 each month/  Many upsells

My Verdict: Scam


An Overview

It should be pointed out that this isn’t the first product of Russel Brunson, the owner of the (DCSX). He had created a product called DotComSecrets with out the X but for the purpose of this review I’m going to concentrate on the latest one (DCSX). Russel tries to capture your attention by showing you a video and honestly he comes across like a genuine person trying to help out or provide you with a real life changing opportunity.

The training is centered around promoting their products but if you advanced enough this wouldn’t be a big deal to impleDotComSecrets X - Internet Explorer 2014-12-11 13.52.35ment to your own online business.

Here comes the marketing techniques that Russel tricks you with!

Trick #1: Don’t pay anything after you earn money

Trick #2: Uses Virgin Airline to leverage his program

Trick #3: Claims to give you the product for free when it used to cost $5000

Trick #4: Uses email listing to show his profit

Trick #5: How to use shortcuts to make money

Trick #6: Claims that all you need is Email listing


To be totally honest Russel seems very convincing in his the free starter video but when you dig deeper into it, you will find some flaws and false statements. Truth be told all you will be doing is adding money his pockets just keep reading and I will explain.

In reality DCSX is a training course that teaches you how to sell HIS products and that’s about it.

The only semi good thing

If Russel just concentrated on doing a course on just email marketing then he might do well and save face in the process. He tries to teach you shortcuts and tricks to the world of marketing.

The training on Email marketing had some good content but makes you believe that all you need is a list and you’re off to being rich. Think again as you don’t make money just because you have an email list.

Learn how to build an online business for free.

Why I don’t like it ?

Okay first off, I’m okay with someone using one marketing strategy as he does with email marketing BUT you cant down talk other marketing strategies to just leverage your scam. He calls SEO, PPC, and other marketing strategies garbage to convince you sign up to his program.

He claims that you can sign up for $1.00 trial plus some gibberish percentage ? Umm that sounds a bit shady to me but we will keep going. He claims that it will be donated to charity, WOAH WOAH! What type of person uses donation to leverage their program?

How do I know he doesn’t use this money for himself ? It doesn’t end there; He goes on to say that his program has been on FOX, NBC, and CBS. Yeah maybe for being a scam to watch out for.

Also the information the program provides is spread over 90 days, more money for Russel! If this program is for everyone as he claims, then why would you restrict us from the information.

I understand when says that he does this for not overloading the newbie with too much information but he doesn’t understand that we are all not beginners!DotComSecrets X - Internet Explorer 2014-12-11 15.20.54

At the end of the day you have to pay for 3 months for the information you would get in 1 month.

Yeah everyone tis guy is just stealing your money and the funny part he’s coming across as a nice guy.


The Trust Factor

Even after all that, I was willing to find out what the program was about and give it a chance. Things just kept going downhill even faster ! Let me ask you something can geniuenli trust someone teaching you a strategy while also putting money in his pockets ? I’m not talking about DCSX, I’m talking about the other products that Russel has that he pushes you to sell!

That for me was very unethical and I kind of was turned away from it. Can you really trust someone that is also recommending one of the biggest pyramid scams on the internet called empower network?

That right there was the last straw! Who knows if this product is working with empower network?

To think that this product was sold for $5000 just really makes me laugh.

What can you get for $5000?

For starters , I can get about 14 years of Wealthy Affiliate ! On value alone what do you think is worth more to you? I can even go to school and learn actual internet marketing. The real question is, what CANT you get for $5000?

This program failed in so many aspects and is no good at providing you with real information. He even says for you to use paid advertising ! This is not required but he insists on this method, what a big NO NO this program is.

At the end of the day I would stay away from this program. If you still aren’t convinced let’s do a little comparison.

Feel free to leave your comments at the bottom and tell me what has your experienced been like in the internet world. If you have any questions be aware that I will always try to help you to the best of my knowledge.

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