Is The Empower Network A Scam? My Personal Experience Revealed (25/100)

What’s The Empower Network All About?

This product is a online business opportunity that makes some very jaw dropping claims but the real question is the empower network a scam?. They provide you with all the resources that usually trips up an online business naturally (these are their words). They provide you with training, blogging system and much more that they insist will have you living on your own island.

This is an affiliate program but not one at the same time I’ll explain later. This is simply another get rich scam that took over the internet and now is being revealed.


Product: Empower Network


Cost: Basic membership $25/monthly, $19.99 monthly payment so you can get paid(e-wallet), $100 Inner circle, $500 Costa Rica, $1000 15k formula, $3500 The masters.

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Verdict: SCAM

The basic membership starts at $25 a month

This is where they capture a lot of people as it seems like reasonable price but they don’t tell you the whole story. They will not tell you at first that you need to pay a monthly $19.99 because if your no credit card trust them resulting in them using e-wallet. This was something that had me a little lost for words but I continue through it but there was consequences for that. On the previous note I never heard of an affiliate program that YOU needed to pay so you could earn commission. The fact is that there isn’t it’s no reason that this product has been labeled as spam in the search engines as over time it has lost dramatically the power in the search engines.

The Inner Circle is a lofty $100 monthly

Now they try to sell you this membership as an actual product and it’s the complete opposite. In reality it just give gives you the opportunity for a higher commission base ($100). Besides the fact that all you get in the inner circle is a couple of audio videos and the chance to earn higher commission, where is the value there. I bought into this product and WOW I was so scammed as it left me broke. Do you feel you have to pay for a product to sell it, when you’re a member already ? I definitely do not ! There are further greater opportunities out there.


The Costa Rica is a one time payment of $500

This is a 3 day training walk through as david talks to you from his mansion in Costa Rica. He covers some advance techniques that are essential for business marketing. That’s cool right ? But it doesn’t cost $500! I get the same training and even better trainings for free.

The 15k Formula $1000 one time payment

This option essentially teaches you the technical aspects of marketing and how to build real a long time business. What drove me off was the fact that why should I pay a grand to receive these training when they are mostly the same videos I can see on YouTube. Just because you change the words in a blog or a video doesn’t make it innovative. That’s my biggest issue; the fact that they try to sell you each product as it’s the newest thing on the market but then lack the actual information to deliver you, the customer satisfaction. I don’t know about your experience just yet but to me empowered network failed miserably in many aspects that I will cover later.

The Masters Retreat a $3500 one time payment

Just when you thought the payments couldn’t get anymore absurd this masters thing appears. The fact is that this is just a 41 videos installment that is suppose to better your business but in reality it has nothing to do with creating a business. It’s mostly just motivational videos and on that fact alone it’s not worth that money or anywhere near it, in my opinion. Truth be told that this is really a pyramid scheme, be careful.

Lets say you have just the basic membership and you get your friend to join, right ? Cool you got your commission but now he decides he wants to order the one time payment of $500 for the costa rica. You must be thinking you’re about to get paid but boy do I have a surprise for you. You will NOT get paid for that.

Let’s dive into this and find out why this is a scam

Okay technically speaking empower network is not a scam because they can’t sell you something without there consent. To us internet marketers or people seeking an online business this is a scam for the sole purpose that one it’s not worth the money and two there are better options out there.

I know places that you can build your own websites for free and can actually earn commission without paying no dam E-wallet fee. I apologize for my language but I’m a bit upset that I fell into this pyramid scheme.

If you create a website you expect to be able to advertise your own product but what happens when the training that is provided is not geared for that? What I mean is that Empower Network only provides training on how to advertise their own product resulting in them benefitting even more.

To really gain income from this product you either have to be the founders or have a big list of email contacts that you are willing to deliver this scam program to.

I say this because in the internet that at any moment you associate yourself with this program the search engines will declare your website as scam and result in a huge decline in rankings.

If you are not a dirty salesman I highly doubt this is for you. Once you accept this pyramid scheme you become the pyramid scheme, as simple as that. I for one don’t have the face to sell a scam to everyone I come in contact with or any for that matter.


The Pyramid Scheme Broken down

If you’re the owner you will get the most money and that’s the mindset EN holds. They believe that they entitled to all the money which is why the created the commission breakdown to how it is. You are not going to be getting commission on the people you bring in in reality is every other and to begin that’s just horrible marketing.

If YOU are the one driving these people to your blog how aren’t you being recognize for the actions others are taking. That’s one of my biggest issues as they don’t want to do anything and just be rewarded for the work of others. How is it that only 1% of the members earn over $4900, hmmm I wonder who that one percent is. There is reason to believe that is the scam artist called David Wood and David Sharpe.


  • You get a empower network blog

That is actually the only real pro I could find about this product and everyone, this is coming from a person that actually tried the product. Forget about the money I spent I rather have the time that I gave to this scam. YEAH they do come with some training and you might find some good training but in reality it’s nothing to spend money on.


  • No real path to follow as they don’t provide you with any real information as what you’ll be selling or what type of business you will be creating. All they really reveal to you is that you’ll be living like a king or queen and give you all sorts of testimonials that I really can’t get over.


  • No support as you will never here from anyone so if you’re a beginner good luck! In the beginning I just thought I wasn’t capable to earn money online but realized it was because how negative a product this so called get rich BS was about.


  • You cant be ethical by way of the imagination as you rudely have to put this product in peoples faces just to get their attention. This product doesn’t hold any real value as it’s just a scheme to gain your money.


  • No free trial as you cant even know what it’s about. Everyone when have you heard about this ? I for one hadn’t to the day I came across this and now I realize that why wouldn’t they give you a free trial ? No one would waste the amount of money that it takes with them to even be allowed to earn commission, shady right.


  • The complaints on this product are ENDLESS because no one thinks this product is legit because it isn’t.


  • Has been banned from Facebook as it was spamming their social media and everyone was getting sick and tired of the false advertisement.


  • The so called blog that they claim will renovate your whole view on website creation is just chosen words that are meant to make this feature sounds sophisticated. At the end of the day you only get to choose from a couple of templates and now they think they conquered the internet the internet world by releasing a phone app that word press already had done.


  • The list goes on and on but to tap it off I couldn’t even find their refund policy ANYWHERE. I had to get in contact with my own bank but later on I actually found it and be aware it’s a strict 14 day refund policy from the date of purchase.


Who Can Earn Money Via Empower Network

My answer is simply just the owners of course but if you’re lucky maybe some knowledgeable internet marketers and it will take time. I don’t agree on the fact that you need to spend that much money to earn money. Another reason I don’t like their product is if you’re a beginner you are most likely going to fail hard and be uninspired pretty quickly.

Should you invest on a product that’s not even yours ? I don’t think so that’s what makes EN even more absurd. Slowly this product it’s going away but not entirely as of yet and there are people still getting scammed.

Do you think you can earn money with them from what they provide you?

Also what I don’t like when you come across one of these empowered network blogs these people are not trying to help you they are really bullying you into joining this product. That’s why their blogs were punished by the search engines as they don’t like websites that are strictly selling the search engines look for websites that are actually helping you out.

The point is even if you can sell this product to others what are the chances these new customers are going to stay pass a month ?


What Do They Actually Offer?

The only real thing that EM offers is the chance to upgrade and you’d have to be crazy but HEY I did it once. I’m just trying to raise awareness as the trainings you will be given from this upgrade are actually very similar to the ones you will find on YouTube.

All the extra stuff that they claim are so unique are actually offered for free within this platform I use.

The moral of the story is that they try to persuade you to buy these upgrade options and even member ships that are not even remotely close to being that useful.


                              My Verdict

The truth is people believe that making money is simply impossible online and surely this isn’t the case as you just need the right resources. I hope we all can come to the conclusion that Empower Network is a huge scam and should be avoided. The fact that they have so many hidden cost within their program like auto responders, advertising and much more shows what type of scam this is.

I for one am glad you came across this post and hopefully it’s not too late for you to avoid this pyramid scheme. Not all hope is lost though, come and join me with the REAL opportunity  that gave me a legitimate shot at online marketing with my free websites, real training, 250,000 people to ask help from and much more !

Here’s my review on my number one recommendation.

I hope you found this review helpful as I would enjoy your feedback. Remember sharing is caring :)

18 thoughts on “Is The Empower Network A Scam? My Personal Experience Revealed (25/100)

  1. rosie says:

    I have history with EN as well; had to join 1 or 2 separate entities within their network in order to ‘belong’, in additional to the silly fee so that you can ‘get’ commissions, etc….even was supposed to use their responder…only….had a hard time getting out of it, problems with customer support…..granted, this is a few years ago….but doesn’t sound any better….only worse

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      OH wow rosie trust me is as bad as ever and I believe it will continue to get worse as people choose to go after what cost then whats actually free.

  2. Marant says:

    Hi Yunier,
    I saw several ads for EN before I found Wealthy Affiliate . I was never interested because I was put off by their outrageous claims. I also found their membership levels to hard to understand. And I didn’t like the obnoxious owner or leader. I think his name was David or something. Anyways I quickly unsubscribed from their email campaign. You and I know that Wealthy Affiliate offers serious training and a very helpful community for marketers at any level. I don’t know if EN is a scam or not. Being new to internet marketing I couldn’t take a chance. WA was the obvious choice to me.


    1. Im glad you spotted this scam as many people are persuaded by their money claims that you can make. I’m glad you were steered in the direction of WA as i have not found a better program. Programs like Empower Network have put in them minds of a lot of people that all make money online programs are scammed its rare to find a program like wealthy affiliate that the owners genuinely care about the success of it’s members.

  3. Emily says:

    hi Yunier
    wow what a scam! I am speechless. 3500$ for training? What the hell? And who realistically has time to watch 41 videos? How many videos does it get to train someone with that program? This seems like a typical scam where you end up selling whatever products they sell, to all your family and friends who end up resenting you for it. And in the end, you make no money. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with it, it enriched your article

    1. Thank you for the comment emily , this is definitely the typical scam that encourages you to try to recruit your family and friends as they are the easiest to get in contact with. I’m glad you found my article beneficial.

  4. Joseph says:

    Hye Yunier
    Thanks for the heads up about EN, I was actually considering joining, now I’m not so sure.
    You’ve probably saved me some massive $$$ here, thank you.

    1. you are better doing a U turn from this pyramid scheme. I can only speak from experience not a program that i can recommend.

  5. Phoebe says:

    There are so many scams, taking people’s hard earning. Shame on them!
    We need more educational sites such as yours to educated consumers what to look for and how to stay away from “unbelievable promises”
    Nice job 🙂 looking forward to read more.


    1. Scams are everywhere ! Since I’ve started this website reviewing make money from home products its only when I’ve come to realise the ridiculous amount of scams that are out there on the internet.

  6. Tim M says:

    Great article I will definitely steer clear of the Empower Network. It really sad that there are so many scammers out there trying to mislead people. Thanks for your information.

    1. It’s my pleasure to help anyone that wants to listen (:

  7. Keri says:

    I used to see people trying to get others into the Empower Network. Now I don’t see it as much. Go figure. I appreciate the website explaining that it’s a scam and why. Glad I stayed away for sure now! Lol

    1. It definitely has become less visible as it has been expose for what it is . Thank you for taking a good look at this review and I’m glad you didn’t fall into this scam like many people have !

  8. Nnamdi says:

    Hello Yunier,
    I have always thought that Empower Network is no good. I once fall for it, but was lucky I did my home work I got a better option of Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for sharing, to create awareness to the internet users.

    1. you sure did get a better option with wealthy affiliate ! Empower network is just there to benefit from everyday people that are trying to find another source of income and end up being scammed by this shady program.

  9. Joshua says:

    You’ve explained it pretty well, stating the pros and cons. The world of making money online now is vast and several scammers are out there, we need more reviews like this to know which is a scam and which isn’t. Thanks for the good job, keep it up.

    1. I totally agree that is internet world is full with scams joshua specially one as outrageous as Empower Network. I would steer away from this scam in a heart beat.

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