Is Gemini 2 A Scam ? This Review Will Show You Why Brandon Lewis Is Full Of BS!

I recently came across this software in the internet by Brandon Lewis with a lot of people asking is gemini 2 a scam. He claims you could make $10,000 by midnight if you join now but that’s just a lie and that happens a lot with this app.

This review will show you why you the Gemini 2 is a complete scam that you should avoid at all cost.

What Is Gemini 2 ?

Gemini 2 was a binary options software that was registered September 25th, 2016 but was closed rather shortly after in December 15th, 2016 . This was done because it was reported as a scam from so many people shedding light on what was really going on with Gemini 2. As you can imagine there are countless of scams online which takes time to actually expose them.

It’s actually surprising that they were shut down in less than 3 months but this is a really good thing because many people will lose a lot of money because of scams.

It’s a bit disappointing that so many people were writing positive reviews about this software for one simple reason … They were affiliates of this software which got really high commissions payout for promoting it. This is something that takes place within affiliate marketing.

They continually made false income promises to the point were they claimed you could make 10k to 50k a day which is so much BS that I was stunned. They even say that this is a “no- loss” binary options software which is a lie because this is impossible.

I did not find any proof of these type of results being true. As far as I know no one experienced any type of consistent positive results, so yeah no one has experienced the “no loss” software they promote so heavily.

Brandon Lewis Is The Biggest Liar

Brandon is only in it for his own benefit obviously, why would he claim that this is a “no loss” trading software ? I have an idea, he wanted to persuade you into taking action in his complete failure of a software.

You would be surprised to find out that he is not the owner of Gemini 2 or that’s the assumption I came to. There was no real information about the owner so this makes me believe that he is probably just another paid actor. This simply means, I cannot trust anything Brandon Lewis says and you shouldn’t either.

It’s funny to hear him say how he gemini 2 has been around for multiple years and he’s never loss a trade. He claims to be an impeccable 100% success rate which is just impossible. This is something that’s just not possible.. Maybe I would have believed a 80% rate but come on you can’t take us for dumb.

Very few robots have the ability to predict these trades accurately.. All the other softwares basically are there trying to persuade you that they will make you rich. For instance, your typical robot will only do well in trend trading but you need human skills to really have the best success rate.

These are significant reasons why you should avoid Gemini 2.

My Verdict On Gemini 2 

As you could tell by now, Gemini 2 cannot be recommend in any way. The only people that recommended this software were affiliates who were making good money for doing so but even with that this scam got exposed rather quickly.

If you are looking to make legitimate money online then I highly recommend you give a long look at Wealthy Affiliate.

Did you have any experience with Gemini 2 ? I’d really like to hear your comments.

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