Is “It Works” A Scam ? This Review Is A Must Read Before Taking Action !

I received a couple of emails about this website and wanted to do a review before but could never find it ! That’s what happens when you use a generic name but today I’m here to answer the question is it works a scam.

I’m sure you know that It Works is a health and wellness company which has it’s product line and offers a business opportunity for people like you and me.

There seems to be a conflict of opinions on if the business opportunity is legit or if it’s just another scam in disguise. If you check around the web you’ll see people promoting this business and others just slapping a scam on it so I’m here to get to the bottom of this.

What Is It Works All About ? 

It Works is a company which sells quite a bit of different products from clothing to your common supplements. They claim you can become healthy and turn your life around by using their products .is It Works a scam?

They go on to say that their business opportunity which provide you complete financial freedom which is what I’ll be taking a closer look in this review.

Their main product is a wrap which is used to tone but it really compresses loose skin. It contains oils and creams that promote weight loss but you aren’t losing weight but just tightening your skin in general.

You wrap this product around whichever body part you want to see the “results” take affect in and should see results in 45 minutes more or less.

The wraps are the products that get the most attention and rightfully so, they promote it like you are losing weight almost like magic it’s just disappearing. 

As an affiliate this is what you will be promoting since it’s what sells most.

From what I read online during my research… These wraps have more hype around them than actual results. I’ve personally lost weight just eating healthy but people usually want a quick solution which rarely ever happens.

Also, the results are only temporary ! Be sure to know this since it gives you the illusion that you’ve lost so much fat but again it’s only compressing your skin.

It Works Business Opportunity: Where’s The Financial Freedom ? 

It Works claims to provide you financial freedom through their business opportunity with the help of friends with similar interest.  They weren’t too unique to be honest their networking models are very similar to some others in the past.

 is It Works a scam?

The In’s And Out:

It is required that you pay a one time free of $99 which will give you access to some general marketing resources. You will then be advised to create an auto- shop (a subscription ) or build a website which will cost you about $20 a month.

Now this is a recommendation so it isn’t a must but It Works recommends you buy about $80 in your first month through auto – pilot.

If you wish to fully join this program there’s a couple of things you must do.

  • Buy a Business Builder Kit
  • Minimum of 80 volume with auto shipment
  • 150 in volume

That’s required to just join the program and you’ll have to pay the $99 fee plus make two sales AND THEN you’ll be viable to promote the holy business. That’s a lot just to promote a business to be honest but there are worst business out there.

After you completed all these “criterias” is when you can start building your own team.

As you build your team you will have many members so every time someone makes a sale you’ll be credited as a “volume”. It works gives cash rewards for meeting a certain amount of volumes in a single month which is cool.

If you wish to move up the ladder then maintaining your team while building a second key is essential. If you do this then you’ll possibly be making more revenue for your team and yourself of course.

The idea is very simple; Recruit more people and sell more products which will add “volumes” and ultimately help you make more money.

Does It Works Actually Work ?

I’m going to show you the 2015 income disclosure that It works provides so you can see why many people question this company as a scam.

Is "It Works" A Scam ?


As you can see 82% of distributors are on the single level which earn an average of only $54 a month. That’s not very promising at all.

The second level has people averaging $231 a month and this is 7.80% of all distributors. Let’s put this into context to see if this business opportunity is really as promising as some people believe.

So if we do the math that means… Only 3.45% of all distributors average more $794 ? That’s part time money everyone !

I find this very surprising but it’s too be expected if you think about it since the people that make money in MLM are the people on the top that have many people working for them.

My Verdict On It Works

is It Works a scam? I don’t think so since there are real products being sold so recruiting people is allowed. The problem isn’t the company it’s the business model which will always have some people at the top making really good money and everyone else struggling to even make part time money.

If you can’t sell then MLM is not for you.

This business model is not for everyone ! You need experience to succeed in this type of business but people never take this into account.

Have you tried It Works ? Let me know your thoughts so we can help future visitors make the right decision on if It works is right for them.

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