Is A Scam ?

Before I answer the question is a scam or not, it should be worth noting that this is a survey website but very different compared to other survey websites. I’m please to say that isn’t a scam and this review will explain why it isn’t.

is paid a scam ?

What is ? is run by an online survey company but quite unique in its own way very different to other ones like for example, let me explain.

  • Short surveys (usually 2 – 3 minutes long)
  • Get paid for every question answered
  • Once you are in a survey, you are guaranteed to make money (unlike other surveys)
  • Never required to enter your real name or address (big plus)

What’s great about this survey website is the fact that once your invited into a survey, you will make money no matter what. If you click on the survey invitation and then is closed you wont make money but once inside, it is guaranteed. If you done surveys in the past you will know that sometimes you will go 30 minutes into a survey and then they will tell you “sorry you don’t qualify”. That is out the window with as I said once your in you will be making money.

The best part is that you will get paid in cash ! No gift cards or anything like that, pretty crazy right ? Well maybe , but certainly delivers well. All that is needed is to reach $15 to be able to withdraw.

No need to give your name or real address ! Hope that sunk into your head as this is certainly one of the only survey websites that does this. Forget all those mails coming home from websites that you can care 2 cents about. As far as your phone number is concern, it will only be used to confirm your account registration. After that it will no longer be used.

This is easy money but not residual income

I do recommend but don’t get it confused. If you think you will be earning hundreds of dollars a day then you will be deeply mistaken as surveys are meant to put some change in your pockets not dollars. People think they will be rich by dedication a couple hours to surveys a day, that’s when I laugh. If you are really interested in potential making residual income online then I suggest you give a read to my number one recommendation.

In closing, yes this is one of the better survey websites I have come across as they pay and don’t scam your time or efforts.

Have you had any experience with ? Please share your thoughts and comments, I will get back to you ASAP.


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