Is Profit Glitch A Scam Or Legit Opportunity ? Not Worth Your Time Or Money

We all dream about making money on auto pilot with  no work involved and just living the lifestyle we envision. I’m sure you came across Profit Glitch and thought that they could make your dreams into a reality right ?

What’s wrong with making money with no effort and achieving complete freedom ! This is all perfect but sorry to burst your bubble but you will not accomplish this with Profit Glitch.

Let’s get started with this review on why you will just be wasting your money.

What Is Profit Glitch ?

The owner of Profit Glitch has supposedly been mining Bitcoins since 2011 and has gone to invite his friends to do the same. When he gets more people under him mining the more money he will make but maybe his friends aren’t even aware of this.

The theory behind it is quite simple, you will just solve some mathematical problems and gain bitcoins for doing so. He claims that it’s not as easy as it was a few years back but still it more than possible.

The more people you have mining bitcoins with you the more money everyone will make ultimately but this won’t work. If no one was doing this then it could probably work but there is too much competition in 2017 for this to work.

Profit Glitch is just offering you the opportunity at bitcoin mining. Everyone is paying the $97 which they share with their own members which is how the automatic income comes into play.

You can also recruit people into Profit Glitch and gain a 50% commission which is why so many people are promoting this product. $48.50 for every person that joins ? That’s some good commission to be made for sure.

Their compensation plan is updated bi-weekly so be sure to check on it regularly if you do take action.

My Own Profit Glitch Complaints

They claim that you can get started making money on autopilot for free but as soon as you click to the next page, BOOM! You need to pay $97 to activate your account. That was not cool at all plus I hate liars.

No matter if you do make money with them… It’s still not 100% autopilot like they claim it is but I get it ! They are saying this as an attempt to persuade you on giving them the $97 .

I’m sure saying this helps his conversion rates by a lot but still, it seems a bit unethical in my opinion.

I noticed quite a few of fake testimonials throughout their websites… I see how this product is starting to shape up and it’s not looking pretty.

You can tell that the money is really being made through recruiting solely which has scam written all over it in reality. The only way to make money is by putting others under you mining if not just forget about even making a dime.


  • Just a one time payment of $97
  • Can be used by anyone, beginners through advance marketers


  • Seems very hard to recruit people which means, seems highly unlikely that you will make any money.
  • It’s not really making money on autopilot if work is required ( marketing strategy to fool you into joining)
  • I’d be surprised if you make enough money to recoup your investment of $97

Is Profit Glitch A Scam ?

It seems like the owner is trying to shove this autopilot trick down our throats but I’m not buying it at all. It’s evident that to make money with Profit Glitch you will need to recruit people like crazy so get ready to spam your social media friends if you wish to make anything.

There is no proof that it even works… I’m still looking for the real product but it’s completely absent. I didn’t see any results but if you have please share it (:

If something looks like it’s too good to be true then guess what it probably is.

If you are a beginner you will find my number one recommendation a gold mine in comparison.

I’d be very careful with joining Profit Glitch.

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