Is The Aussie Method A Scam ? My Honest Review

This review will answer the question is the Aussie Method a Scam ? This scam i’m reviewing was created by Jake Pertu as you might recognise his picture which was also found in the Brit Method and the Canuck method. 

You can tell that picture is fake which corresponds to a famous actor but the creator of all this software didn’t care. This software already started negatively with the fake picture but let’s see what this software is all about.

Is The Aussie Method A Scam ?

What Is The Aussie Method ?

The Aussie Method is a fraudulent binary options trading website that attempts to persuade you by fake promises.

When you land on their website you will see some video testimonials which are just absurd in a couple of ways. The testimonials have the members claiming they made over $400,000 which is bizarre as it is but the snapshots of the income are before the software was even released.

It goes to show you that any review or testimonials are not to be trusted. Also, who keeps such huge amount of money in one account I certainly don’t but maybe that’s just me. Plus making such huge profits is not realistic specially so quick.

Telling us that we will make hundreds of thousandths of dollars in the first 30 days of using the software which is not realistic. It’s the same thing as the other two scams the picture is associated with telling you that if you don’t make money he will pay you $10,000 back.Is The Aussie Method A Scam ?

That might sound nice but there is no real proof of this and I’d be surprised if their support is even worth reaching out to. There are so many questions by customers about the software that haven’t been answered by them that it’s astonishing. I’m sure this scam won’t last in the web but you really should avoid it.

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If you did receive $10,000 or if they’ve answered your question please let me know because from what I experienced and witness they don’t answer anything. They claim their customer service support is 7 days a week – 24 hours a day but I’ve yet to seen this with my own eyes.

I used their live chat service and got a couple of answers to only things they wanted to answer, I’ll explain. I asked “are the earnings real ?”  They quickly answered with you’ll make more than $400,000 in your 30 days and if not you’ll be compensated $10,000 . Then I went to ask ” have you paid the $10,000 to some users?” and they tell me “yes, we have but can’t reveal this as this is personal information”.

I agreed that this was personal but I went on to ask ” who was the user so I can ask them directly I’m sure they wouldn’t mind” and they literally said ” you don’t get it we aren’t telling you ” . I got pretty heated with these sales people but I kept my cool.

Is That enough evidence for you to come to the conclusion that this is a scam ? For me it’s more than enough.

My Verdict On The Aussie Method

Back to the initially question is the Aussie Method a scam ? that’s a big fat yes ! There’s no doubt in my mind and if you aren’t careful you could lose a lot of money by the fake promises that are meant to you. They aren’t giving you a legit product in fact they are selling you a nice dream and a lifestyle not a legit way of making a living online.

Have you personally used the Aussie Method ? I would like to hear your thoughts on this software and if you agree with my review.

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