Is The Linden Method A Scam ? Does Charles Linden Have The Solution

I’m here today to give you my review on a certain product that has gotten a lot of fuss since a while ago. There have been many people asking is the linden method a scam and rightfully so, we want to know if something works before we take action. The linden method is a program created by Charles Linden and has been around for years.Is The Linden Method A Scam ? Does Charles Linden Have The Solution

There are various methods claiming to have cures for anxiety and other disorders associated but are they legit or a scam. There are people out there that are just capitalising off your health issues by providing some fake solution to put money in their pockets.

What Is The Linden Method ?

I’d like to talk about Charles Linden before we actually talk a look at the product. Charles is a man who actually suffered from anxiety disorders and panic talks for a good 20 to 30 years. He researched for a good 3 months interviewing victims of such disorders and people that overcame this issue.

This was actually around 1997 but since then he has worked with Queen’s University Belfast as well as a series of doctors and psychologists from around the world. He has helped over 150,000 people and that number just seems to be increasing.

The Linden Method offers a wide variety of strategies to stop anxiety which can be seen in videos and you can actually listen to them as well since they come in audio too. The method relies on teaching your brain how to break this cycle by learning a different way of thinking. They discovered that there is a part of the brain that activates these feelings called the Amygdala and it basically works by switching your anxiety.

I do like that you are not alone as you receive E-mail and telephone support from highly qualified psychologist that can answer your concerns.

What I Liked

  • It’s better than visiting a psychologist and it’s information based on scientific principles
  • There is no medication required which is rare these days (talk to your doctor if you will stop a medication)
  • Direct support from very reputable psychologist

Is The Linden Method A Scam ? Does Charles Linden Have The Solution

What I Did Not Like

Charles says that this program takes a huge commitment and it’s truly not for everyone. That you really have to believe in what they are saying, become isolated , and put whatever they are telling you to work.

Now take this with a grain of salt as I’ll be putting writing stuff that many users have said. I truly was researching about the results users got and here’s what I got.

  • The audio didn’t work in their car (weren’t able to listen to)
  • Got a used copy when ordered a brand new one
  • Missing content from the program
  • All the information you can find online for free
  • Never answered the support line (They tried to call on multiple occasions and times )
  • They tried to create a one size fits all type of program but some advice isn’t too help ( not talking to your therapist for starters)

This program by itself might not be too bad but they make it seem like it’s the only thing you’ll need to overcome your anxiety. They say to not use any method that the Linden Method is the only one you will need which is bizarre to me as you should have a balance between things.

He downticks heavily on benzodiazepine medications that you don’t need this at all but many people use this type of medication to treat anxiety and it works. He sounds super one side and allowing his personal experience to come between valid judgement.

Does The Linden Method Work ?

I believe that there is no way to not say yes here because it has helped over 150,000 as previously stated. Is it the best way to treat anxiety ? Probably not, but taking into account how many people suffers from these type of disorders 150K is a large amount of people that got help.

There’s good and some bad with this program as you have seen like scaring people out of medication/ prescriptions completely which makes me hesitant to recommend something that states this.

My Verdict On The Linden Method

It’s undeniable that the Linden Method has helped a lot of people over the years but making itself seem like it’s the one stop for curing anxiety just isn’t true. Is it a scam ? No, I doubt that but it’s too expensive and all of the information can be found online for free.

Also, the things I didn’t like that I listed should be a concern as you don’t exactly know what you will be getting. I didn’t expect the program to have a perfect score but below average ? You can’t really explain that to be honest. Let me know your thoughts about the Linden Method below.

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