Is The Midas Legacy A Scam ? An Honest Review That You Must Read

I’m sure you landed on my website because you wanted to know is the Midas Legacy A Scam right ? This is expected after seeing that extended video in their website talking about how can make over $1000 a week by taking money from peoples account but legally.

I obviously had my doubts about this because this seemed sketchy to say the least. How does grabbin

g into some “rich jerks” account legit ? Even if this is possible why would it be okay ? They are rich for a reason aren they ? I can’t stand when people talk down on rich people like if it’s a bad thing that they are rich but let’s keep it moving.

What Is The Midas Legacy ?

In a nutshell, Midas Legacy is just affiliate marketing training but not up to par with any other programs. They sell you the program by saying you will just copy and paste links and you’ll be making the big bucks but anything that simple isn’t entirely true.

Is The Midas Legacy A Scam ? An Honest Review That You Must Read

They neglect the process it takes to make commissions off these “affiliate links”. I did like the keyword and PPC part of their program but that’s not enough. Their course is free for 30 days but then it’s $29 on a monthly basis. It’s not bad if you will get the first 30 days free and choose to cancel on time.

Jim (the owner of the Midas Legacy) offers some good general marketing tips and goes on to speak on why most people fail at affiliate marketing. I think many people go into affiliate marketing thinking it’s a quick process but it’s not and can take some time to actually master it.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a lot of trial and error with the testing out that is required to see what works best. There is no denying that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online but you need the right program or resource to learn it. Midas Legacy is not the program to learn affiliate marketing from as it’s all over the place and it’s just an incomplete program in my eyes.

The Good and Bad

Now I always give the good and bad of a program even if its a complete scam but there wasn’t many pros for the Midas Legacy.


  • Affiliate Marketing is definitely a good way of making money online.

There are no up-sells which is surprising in 2017.

Does not cost much in reality.


Not enough information about affiliate marketing in general.

  • Extremely deceptive (posting links to take money from “rich jerks” account )

My whole problem with the Midas Legacy is how shallow it is. It lacks enough content to be taking seriously since they spend most of the time just talking about how much money can be made instead of how it actually works.

My Verdict On The Midas Legacy 

From my research I can honestly say that Midas Legacy isn’t a scam which I actually thought it will be. They failed to be completely transparent which is essential in affiliate marketing since most important can be found online for free.

I specially do not like liars and well, Midas Legacy lies quite a bit. They would have been a lot better if they were more straight forward.

I’m an extremely huge fan of affiliate marketing in general because it’s a legit way of making money online but again, you need to receive the right training.

Let me know if you have had many experience with the Midas Legacy , if so, please share your thoughts below.

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