Is The Oxford Method A Scam ? Run The Other Way Quick !

I’m here today to answer the question, is the Oxford Method a scam ? Evan Wright created Oxford Method which is a binary options auto trading system like many that have come before.

The claims begin within the 3 videos that are meant to buy you in into the Oxford Method. The claims of you making thousandths of pounds in the first month seem absurd to me but who knows maybe Evan knows the secrets me and you don’t.Is The Oxford Method A Scam ?

I want this type of money ! I mean who doesn’t , right ?

If you are looking into making legit money online let me be the one to burst your bubble by saying you will not make it with this fake promises software by Evan Wright.

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What Is The Oxford Method ?

The Oxford Method is a completely off hands automated software by Evan Wright. It states that you do not need any prior binary trading experience to make a lot of money. Like many smilar softwares before it they will claim it’s free but you will need to fund the account atleast $250 which is something to think about honestly.

They try to persuade you even more by saying those who invest more money will receive even bigger profits.

Binary options isnt really a good way of making money online with many scams out in this type of business. This software misses that personal touch as you will only see the developers photo in the beginning and then it’s just his voice. That already gave me a bad feeling about this who Oxford thing.

Is The Oxford Method A Scam ?

Plus, binary options is almost like gambling but they wont tell you that would they ? If this was such an amazing way of making money then why would it be necessary to use affiliate marketing to promote their websites ?

Fake Developer and Fake testimonials 

The Oxford Method isnt sitting too well with me at the moment and this didnt help, using two different names to promote this software is just being a con. Persuading peoplee to sign up like this because they know people will find out that it’s a scam eventually so they try making the software with different names to make it harder on people to review them and expose them.

Binary options is not something that you will succeed in unles you know about it and have done your research. When Evan states that he was a drop out and not a mathematician to make the point that anyone can do this without experience is just sad.

This is not for everyone plus making money with a software on autopilot has to make you suspicious on the minimum. He goes on to say how he has made so much money but when you Google his name nothing he really comes out which is surprising.

A succesful Binary options developer would surely have a lot of information about him online but that wasnt the case.

He even goes to say that he will pay you $10,000 if you dont make enough money but he doesnt say anything else about it. What is “enough money” to him ? What criterias do you have to meet and if you meet these criteria how is it even for sure that you’ll get this lump sum of $10,000.

I doubt anyone will ever get that money but hey, maybe Evan is a generous man, right (Sarcasm!) ?

All the testimonials are fake which are just from people that get paid to give professional testimonials but it’s just to scam you by making you believe that the software has worked for many people. Let’s say they were real for a second ; where do they show us evidence that they made real profits with the software ? I did not come across one ! They are just blowing smoke to get us to join which is complete BS !

There are some live results on their website which keeps refreshing every now and then but those are probably pre determined. It’s supposively verified by a third party but thats unknown because they don’t say who the third party is. I can’t trust a software like this.

My Verdict On The Oxford Method

If you want to be a serious trader then this software is not worth your time. It’s not free like they claim, you do have to deposit a minimum $250 into a brokers account. I figured this but saying it’s free just to persuade people to join is not something I would do.

Evan Wright doesn’t seem legit at all but i’m sure he’s made money just by deceiving people this way.

I do not recommend Oxford Method at all ! If you want take a look at how I make money online and how you can join for free. 

Have you used the Oxford method then please leave your comments below.

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