Is The Profit Accumulator A Scam ? Make $24,000 A Year Tax Free

This review will help you decide is the profit accumulator a scam or a legit program that will help you make some money online. They offer a membership which claims you can make a couple grand a month by following their training.

Is The Profit Accumulator A Scam ?

They offer a free trial and a monthly membership but let’s take a look at if Profit Accumulator is even worth your time. You should know that you will need to be from the UK to even make this work.

What Is The Profit Accumulator ?

Profit Accumulator is a membership service that supposedly  teaches people how to make up to £2000 a month from matched betting. In a nutshell, they teach their members about match betting , give you the required tools , resources, and support that is needed to succeed.
Profit Accumulator simply works by taking the free offers that casino , bookmakers , and bingo sites offer and giving them a risk free way of making legitimate money off them. I do like how you will only take part in offers at your level (Beginner , medium , and advance) so you are learning as you are completing offers.
It’s a good way to learn and earn at the same time. You are getting the training required to completing the most difficult of offers.
NOTE: Since I’m from Miami, Florida (United States) I couldn’t participate in the offers but I did take a good long look at the program and found some stuff I really did like which I’ll share with you.
You will be given instructions and a video to follow with each offer to make things easier. Theres a list of things to bet on and how much to actually bet. This isn’t gambling so you shouldn’t worry about that.
Like many of you, I had my doubts about the Profit Accumulator but I found enough evidence to give you the reasons why you should join.

How Profit Accumulator Works ?

This is what everyone is here to find out so let’s dive into it.
People claim to be making up to $24,000 a year which is the $2000 a month, with the help of Sam Scoffels. Teaching you how to do sports betting is a fun way to make money if you live in the UK . I’m really disappointed i’m not from there because I love all sports.
This is not gambling for those of you with doubts, this is legal and even tax free. You should know that if you like the suspense of gambling then this might be a little different since the earnings are pre determined so the surprise factor is missing.
The way this works if you would sign up to betting websites but these websites will tell you things along the lines of, bet $5 and we will give you $15. You can use that money for betting on which ever team you want. This is how this works in theory but it’s a bit more sophisticated than that.
Is The Profit Accumulator A Scam ?
What I like is how Sam Scoffels adds a whole bunch of different offers you can take part in on a daily basis. I enjoyed how helpful he can be in general which seems rare in todays age.
Matched bettings and completing surveys might be the two fastest ways of making money online but it’s still not my number one recommendation for certain reason such as not sustainable , can’t scale it , or that it’s too time consuming.

Inside The Members Area 

Sam really put a lot of time into this website and it shows. He gives you everything you need from the links to sign up to plus the profit calculator to see how much you’ll actually make before hand. The calculator is a huge plus to plan accordingly instead of being a blind game now the balls in your court.

There is a lot of information here to read and study ! I’m not exaggerating since sam did a really good job on the amount of information overall. Even in the first video he gives you a walk through where he literally makes money in minutes.

Does not work outside of UK which is very disappointing and they say that can’t offer support if you live outside of the country. Maybe in the future they might expand but who knows.

there is a restriction on the amount of money you can possibly earn since it’s based on how many offers you complete. It’s in a way like surveys but more income to be made of course. You should understand that you’ll be filling out a lot of offers like over 100 monthly that will result in (1500 to 2000 pounds)

Is The Profit Accumulator A Scam Or Legitimate Business ?

Profit Accumulator is definitely not a scam and is a legitimate business that was established in 2014. As far as i’m concern Profit Accumulator has the biggest matched betting community with over 20,000 members.
I personally like how transparent and friendly this program comes across. Other Matched betting websites are very sell heavy with an emphasis on making money off you but this wasn’t the case here.
There’s a free trial that you can join which will help you make the decision for yourself. I didn’t expect this since most match betting websites make you jump straight into memberships without checking out the program for free.
Sam has a video where he describes the purpose of the website entirely. He even list his address and personal information. There is a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked which is even more surprising because why would a scam offer this ? One answer, they are not a scam.
From what I seen around the web is that people start making money from 6 weeks time but there are people making money right away. Is it a sustainable way of making money online ? Probably not but it’s a good way to make money online if living in the Uk but I’ll see think about creating your own online business since that’s where the money is at.
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