Is There A Younique Pyramid Scheme ? Review on A Beauty Industry MLM Company

We care how we look, consequently the beauty industry is one of the most profitable at the moment. I’ve read a lot of comments stating that there is a Younique Pyramid Scheme going around which led me to do some extensive research and create an honest review to clarify. The beauty industry used to be only profitable for big companies but how the times have changed. There are a lot of people that have an extreme desire for beauty products and rightfully so, you might be the next model.

There are reviews about this Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company but most are by it’s own reps which they always seem to be on the biased side of the spectrum. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, shape , or form. This review should help you decide if we are dealing with a pyramid scheme , scam , or a legit business opportunity. 

What Is Younique About ?

If you do not know let me give you a bit of a summary on Younique. This is a company that deals with cosmetic products that was establish in September of 2012 but has really taken off with many different type of beauty related products. Younique was founded by Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, with the mission statement to help women around the work on a personal level and financial as well.

The financial side of things is where the whole MLM comes into play. It’s not a bad idea though, talk about the beauty products you se with other soon to be clients of yours plus I’d be surprised if girls or women wouldn’t want to hear about new beauty products and maybe even make money off it.

Which Type Of Products Does Younique Offer ?

Younique offers what you would expect from a cosmetic company , lips , eyes , and face products. It’s not utterly expensive which is a positive sign since we want products that aren’t going to be too difficult to promote. The majority of the products will fall in the range of $10 to $30 but there are some exceptions. I’m aware that face cream tends to be twice as much as the range of cost for the other products.

They sell a couple of different cosmetic tools which my girlfriend tells me that they are of good quality. Their most sought after product has to be the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ mascara, the claim is that it increases lash volume by up to 300%. I’m not too sure about this but again , my girlfriend says this is remarkable .

The Younique MLM Compensation Plan 

As you might know by now, Younique has a MLM opportunity that many people tend to be intrigued by. The business is operated by selling their products and gaining represantives but like every other MLM company. One thing that did catch my attention besides the beauty products (haha) was that they basically promote their products and business through social media. It’s not like thats a bad idea but it does seem like they are limiting themselves a bit but maybe they know something I don’t.

You are a presenter or thats what they call it. Everyone starts at the “white level” you have to purchase a $99 kit to get started. You will have to sell $125 in products in the next 3 months to remain a presenter. Your friends , your family , or even you can buy it. It’s not important who buys it but just make sure it is bought if you plan to do this MLM type of business.

It’s a bit different than your typical MLM as you will sell through virtual parties in your social media. Once you sell enough products worth ($1000) which will move you up to yellow status and bump you up 5% from 20% to 25% of your sales.

The Recruitment Stage Of Younique

Spreading the word of Younique is very important which is why the founders are very big of bringing in more presenters. Once you have a presenter under you is when you acquire the pink status. You will only need to sell $250 worth of product, they value new presenters more than extra sales. This is done to allow you the time needed to gain more presenters under you. The people under you do need to sell lat least $2000 to keep their status which shouldn’t be to absurd as I’m a firm believer that a good product shouldn’t need too much promotion since it should sell itself.

The compensation plans are always a bit confusing which sounds like a terms and conditions page, everyone knows it exist but no one can really interpret them that well. I like to know why I’m earning this but MLM companies tend to make this difficult to thoroughly understand.

The Negative About Younique

It’s very well documented that MLM business model aren’t too well received in the make money online community which tends to be labeled scams or pyramid schemes. You usually get two distinct reviews one that says the MLM is a complete pyramid scheme and the other one that you will be rich with MLM. This makes it very difficult to trust any type of review that involves these type of companies. Let’s just take a look at what the majority consensus is of this opportunity on the web.

“It’s a pyramid scheme” is one thing I heard A LOT OF PEOPLE say but in reality it isn’t. Yes, you do recruit people under you and gain the pink status but that’s not what the whole but business opportunity that Younqiue offers is about. You are selling a real product and accumulating sales so a pyramid scheme it really isn’t.

Many people label these companies pyramid schemes since they can’t make money with them but this doesn’t seem fair. You should know that atlas 90% of people that try their hands at this type of business completely fail as it’s not for everybody. In fact, I’d like to say that this is more for entrepreneur types of people. You should have a healthy social media brand as this will make it easier on you. You need to reach as many as possible plus having people that already have connections with you will be much easier to make sales off and ultimately recruit them.

I don’t like putting businesses or people down but MLM aren’t meant for other to succeed. In fact, I would say you are put against the wall or thrown to the wolves in a way. You pay a start up cost for your products and then have to make x amount in three months. I personally belief this isn’t the cup of tea I would like to drink but to each is their own which is why I do respect this business model.

It’s very disappointing how if you don’t sell $125 in products in the last 3 months then your account will be activated . I’ve had some Facebook friends post about this, It seem sort of shocking at first. I said at first because if you take a look at their website they don’t hide this at all. It just proves that not everybody is cut out for Multi Level Marketing but you are more than welcome to try it.

Is There A Younique A Pyramid Scheme , A Scam , Or A Real Legitimate Opportunity ? 

From my point of view ( I try to keep a neutral one), Younique is not a pyramid scheme or a scam. They do sell real products so it can’t be a pyramid scheme. Their business is very up front about everything I came across and that’s not always the case with MLM’s. If you have experience with this type of business then I could recommend them to you but it’s definitely not for everyone.

I might catch some hate for this but beginners aren’t set up to succeed in this type of business. There is a learning curve to MLM first of all and second without a big social media following, I find it very hard to believe that you will be making good enough income. I hope you have found this review helpful.

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