The Basics On How To Make A Money Blog : Why Didn’t Anyone Tell You It Was This Easy ?

Figuring out how to make a money blog isnt as hard as the internet has you believing. Some people actually believe that you cant ever earn a dime blogging, they see it more as a stress reliever or even some sort of diary.

There are so many different ways to make money blogging but I suppose people think this is something thats so far fetched, I mean making a career out of blogging sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it ?

I actually know some people that are making more than 10k a month and that’s been from blogging on a website for a little over 3 years.

What’s The Secret To Making A Money Blog ? 

You won’t find many website owners that are willing to just take your hand and guide you step by step as this is something that will be very time consuming for them. Even if they were willing to do this, trust me it will be for some ridiculous charge like $300 an hour for their expertise.

In my opinion, you can actually get everything an expert will teach you just by reading up on blogs in the making money online niche. There are many bloggers that are willing to share their knowledge through their writings and podcast in some cases.

These bloggers put out so much quality content that you are bound to learn a thing or 2, even if you don’t consider yourself a beginner.

Building your succesful online business is actually closer and more than plausible than some of us can imagine.

Do You Need To Be An Expert Writer ?

Many people believe that to be a blogger you actually need to be some type of harvard elite writer but this isnt the case. In fact, I consider myself a below average writer but people dont come to my website to critisize my grammar (most of the cases) they come to learn a thing or two.

As long as you are providing helpful content to your readers than your grammar won’t be an issue. Just try getting your message across whether it’s 500, 1000, or even 2000 words. Don’t be scared by these numbers as I would be one to tell you that I wasnt able to crack 500 words but now I actually feel very comfortable with crunching out 2000 words.

But the honest truth is that to make money you will have to sell something whether it’s an Ebook,courses, or even services. I’ve found it being alot easier if you just review products or programs and just promotet hem through affiliate links.

I wouldn’t go selling anything or even promoting any type of products until you have a good amount of post that are bringing in some quality traffic. My reason for this is the fact that if you start putting affiliate links everywhere and selling all types of products too early Google might mistake your website for spam.

You Need A Niche Before Anything

If I had the opportunity to go back to when I first started blogging I would change what my first website was about. My first website was on the huge niche that is Fat Loss and it was really due to me chasing the money and not my actual interest.

You should be able to tell me some interest you have or even hobbies that you are passionate about. This would be your biggest bet on what direction you would want to go with your first website.

The general rule is just pick something you know a lot about or something you are willing to learn on the go. I’ve done this on certain niches but the only downfall on this is you spend more time reading and learning than you actually exert on writting quality content.

If you still dont have any idea then If I were you I’d take a look on amazon as you would get a lot of ideas from their. I’ve seen websites about drones , home brewing , baseball equipment , gaming headsets, and so much more ! You really don’t have any idea of the possibilities that are out there in the internet world.

If you wish to get the formal training on researching your appropriate niche or sub niche then I suggest you head over to Wealthy Affiliate as they do an excellent job on this.

Just Try to remeber not to chase the niche that has money written all over it as these are usually harder to succeed in but follow your passion as you can actually make money within any niche.

Writting Is The Key To Online Success 

The misconception that people have needs to be erased ASAP: Having a website published and 5 articles on them does not entitle you to be making money online as a matter of fact you probably wont make any money until at least 3 months pass and you have at least 30 articles written and posted.

I’m being straight foward becasue many people have that this obscene belief that just by writting for a week that they will have a website making 4k a month, I’m sorry but whoever told you was just trying his best to persuade you into joining their program at any cost necessary.

Yes, be aware people will lie just to recruit you or convince you on a program. The potential in blogging is actually unlimited as many people will tell you but dont think it’s as easy as cake it takes very hard work.

Learning to write on a daily basis or even posting 3 to 5 articles on a weekly basis will help you grow your business substantially. Don’t fry yourself out though, in the beginning I didnt have a job for a month and that month I published some 50 articles which was insane as I was burned out ( don’t do this lol).

Be consistent with your writing and you will reap the benefits in the long run. Now I’m sure this will be too much to handle just getting rolling in the online world by yourself, the best advice I can honestly provide is to take a look at my number one recommendation as it’s free of charge and will get you on the right path.

How To Make A Money Blog Should Be Clearer Now

In the beginning, you will find yourself working on your blog like a full time job with over time hours but after it takes off you can legitimately work on it as a part time job and be making a full time income. That’s probably the greatest advantage as you will actually have time for yourself and loved ones. The greatest asset of having an online business is the freedom that comes with succeeding but let’s recap this post to see how this will be all possible.

  • Publish articles on a consistent schedule ( dont slack off this will hurt you)
  • Learn from other bloggers and implement their knowledge on your own blog
  • Provide your audience a solution and you’ll be successful

Stay focused on your blog and you will be making money in no time. The triangle that is the internet world isnt as scary as people make it seem it’s not the bermuda triangle. Just remember you will need to go in with the mindset that you wont get rich over night, be prepared to treat your blog like a real business.

You will then have to learn SEO , Target Traffic , PPC, and much more. This isn’t as daunting as it may seem, just ask the people over at Wealthy Affiliate.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this post as I would love to hear your thoughts, just drop by in the comment section.

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