Twtrland Rebrands As Klear, An Expansion Of Social Media Analytics Is Occurring

Twtrland rebrands as Klear with the intent to expand social media analytics with a $1.5 million funding. Twtrland first serviced back in 2012 which strictly offered at a behind twitter related data activity.The  Founder/CEO Eytan Avigdor, went to state that they longer wish to provide “lots of data” but instead they wish to provide concise and clearer data, so basically more quality data instead of quantity.

In 2015, their platform has widen it’s horizons to provide data on FaceBook and Instagram as well which is a very positive sign in the progression that they continue to make. There also a high likeliness that in the near future their analytics will expand towards Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The logic for new domain is, Founder/CEO Eytan Avigdor Explains:

The wealth of information that is out there today is invaluable, though indigestible. And while many tools provide complex graphs and endless information, we work day and night so that you won’t have to. We are on a mission to bring you clear data, rather than lots of data.

He goes on to say that this new funding will used to for marking and sales team. Klear currently offers some free service for specific clients but their services generally cost 99 to $599 per month.

Here are some of the free tools that Klear offers at the moment:

These are some basic tools that if you need some basic information on your social media activity, it might just do the trick. Now with Klear serving over 2 million monthly visitors their brand is at an all time high in demand.

I definitely find Klear as an insightful resource which for most of us the free tools will be more than enough. The larger companies are the ones that will need the monthly cost service that they offer because this is much more in depth which most companies use to market new products and opportunities.

I definitely enjoy Klear as a comparison analysis between the big social media platforms  which is always interesting to actually break it down.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite pleased that Klear is wishing to improve their service and expanding to which social media platforms they are reaching out to. Anyone that has a website will find the analysis they offer (even if the free tools are more general information) a pretty cool tool to have at your disposal.

At the end of the day, the re branding was pretty clear to me as there was a demand from the public that wasn’t being met by Twtrland at the time but with the $1.5 million refund, there seems to be a change of the guards in that aspect.

Hopefully Klear will continue to improve and bring quality, clear and precise data to everyone that requires it.

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