What Is A Niche Website ? Is The Hype Real Or Just Another Internet Fairy Tale?

I’m sure you’ve come across websites that claim they make money online just by simply blogging, correct ? Then you find out that these are niche websites but you ask yourself what is a niche website. This post will explain  everything you need to know about this topic before people fill your dreams with fake hype or maybe not.

Some people run about 10 amazon niche websites and are quite well off because of this. The truth is with the right niche you can be really well off with just one website. I’m sure you want similar success, I mean who doesn’t. Let’s dive into how this is made possible.

What Is A Niche Website ?

Making a living online through a website 9 out of 1o times depends on how well you grasp the concept that is a niche website. A niche website is a really specific term or target for instance, “making money online for teens” now this is a specific niche. The broad topic would be making money online but now you are targeting teens.

As you can see you are only targeting teens which would eliminate a lot of your competition as there will be many keywords or topics that your competitors won’t be going for.

I’m sure you can think of many examples of niche websites ! Just stop reading this post for a second and think about some niches that you would be interested in.

The Advantages Of A Niche Website

The biggest pro I could think of for niche websites is the fact that you are forced to master this one topic if you may. How many websites are in the internet that fall under the make money online niche ? Let’s just say that it’s over 10,000 at least because of the appeal that it brings to everyone, just promote products and i’ll be rich.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble aspiring internet marketers but it just doesn’t work like that and for good reason. There needs to be an even playing field, remember out of all these websites page 1 of google only has space for 10 results. The competition is very stiff which is why the real price is in these well researched niche websites that haven’t been tapped into yet.

I remember this guy on youtube that made a niche website on marijuana reviewing all kinds of related products which gained some serious traffic because there was no competition it was the only website in the niche. He was doing really well I believe it was called lazystoner.com or something similar.

Also, a niche website is not a blog written by teens. I feel the term blogging has been labeled more like a dairy because of how many teens use it to just write about how they feel and so on. I understand the appeal but to be clear it’s just not the same thing.

My Process To Choosing A Niche

I usually follow the same process each time i’m going to find a niche website. This niche website will add legitimate value to your audience and is going to be a topic you will be writing on more than you can realise. Think about this website, it has more than 150 post which is about 150,000 words more or less. To put that in perspective I could have written a couple of books, my point is that be prepared to write quite a bit.

Rule number one always pick a niche that you are passionate about , know a lot about , or are interested in learning. The only way I would choose a niche that I had no real interest in from past experience would be one that I was outsourcing most if not all of the content (having ghostwriters).

One of the easiest niche you could do and follow is doing product reviews of some sort like if you into fitness then treadmills , elliptical , or maybe even dumbbells. By the way, I would only choose one of those not all three because you have no idea it is to do reviews on all those. That would be the perfect example of targeting a niche that is too broad.

Just know that any niche is profitable as there are so many opportunities to make money online with so many companies and brands looking for people to market their products. This would fall in the field of affiliate marketing which is very popular. No, this isn’t a scam as many people believe. It’s kind of disappointing that some people think of affiliate marketing and think about multi level marketing, 2 completely different things.

Niche Websites Through Affiliate Marketing

I’m quite positive than anyone can write about their hobbies or interest, you just need to learn how to relate it to your niche website.

The best place that I’ve found that teaches these steps in the correct details is my number one recommendation.  In all honesty, learning affiliate marketing was never hard but what was finding the right niche as in the beginning I was chasing the shiny distraction instead of following my interest.

Also, learning affiliate marketing is a lot easier when you actually have some help but even by yourself this is something that you can accomplish, the only difference between my number one recommendation and learning by yourself is the fact you are going to be taught on a step by step basis.

My Conclusion

After this article you should have a pretty good idea on what is a niche website but if you need some further help please leave your thoughts as I will be pleased to get back to you.

The truth is that niche websites are still alive and well, this is something that I can’t see changing anytime soon as more products are being created , new technology is emerging, and so on. The internet does provide some possibilities that were never there before, who would have ever thought that there would be so many people making a full time income from the comfort of their own home with a website.

It’s crazy that I feel that the best has yet to be seen, what do you think ?

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