what is a pyramid scam? Learn to detect these false how to get rich online products like a hawk!

My overview

There’s things in life we should avoid and one of them are definitely pyramid scams. But what is a pyramid scam? People tend to be unaware of what this actually is but I will be covering the major aspect of this scheme that are just there to sell false info on how to get rich online. These schemes are illegal resulting in many complaints as people are being misguided, scammed, and being robbed of their money.

A pyramid scheme or scam are basically what it says, it’s a pyramid with the people on the top of the hierarchy making all the money as they are persuading outsiders to join this pyramid. Once they get people to join. they are just hand picking their way through everyone’s commission as you will not earn money for everyone that signs up.

Pyramid scheme or scams are usually associated with Multi – Level Marketing. These type of business models are sometimes illegal because all they have you do is recruit and recruit. A product must be sold ! There needs to be sales (can’t only be recruiting).

With most pyramid schemes that you see today it’s usually one common quality that they all share and that’s convincing people to join. You will be brain washed into doing the same task to everyone else and this again is ILLEGAL.

With these pyramid schemes, low quality products are usually associated as they try to make you believe into the product and that is just a lie.

For you, as a lower level member of this pyramid to actually benefit from this type of product you would have to have an army of ants ready to sign up one by one. Meaning stay away from these type of product plain and simple.

The radar watch

I’m going to give you a couple of signs that you should lookout for

  • If the product or service seems like it has little to no value
  • If you are being charged to sign up
  • If the promoter is selling this in your face instead of trying to help you out
  • If the cost seems unrealistic
  • If they claim that you will make X amount of money

Do your research

Don’t get into anything without actually researching the product or services

  • Check for complaints on the web
  • If this product is being pushed by others then there has to be reviews on them
  • Do they give you refunds?
  • Check for hidden cost; there are products that don’t tell you the whole story like Empower Network.
  • Don’t ever buy a product on impulse as they can be very misleading

If you apply these tips then I’m sure you will never be scammed again! The thing with these online products is that you never know what you are getting but either way you should put yourself in the best position to make a decision. That’s why in my website I only recommend products first hand that have actually worked for me. I’m tired of people coming to a dead end with less money then they initially started off with and that’s why this website was made to help you out.

Most of us don’t want to be rich, just well off in life. The truth is we should strive for education not for income but if the education comes attached with income than why not?

The truth is that many products fail to actually teach you and just want to want to show you how to make money. I’m going to share with you how to actually build an online business with my #1 Recommendation.

I hope you found this post helpful remember you should try to avoid scams, let alone these sickening pyramid schemes/scams. Don’t forget to leave your comments! Let me know if you have had a bad experience with a certain product as there are so many out there. Until next time take care and don’t get scammed! 🙂

6 thoughts on “what is a pyramid scam? Learn to detect these false how to get rich online products like a hawk!

  1. Michael says:

    Nice Website with good information on it.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      thank you Michael, feel free to come back soon.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yeah, I got sucked in by more than one of these in years past. But then I learned how to really make money on my own. Hope more people read this and don’t get scammed. Thanks for sharing.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      I’m glad you ended up in WA, the best university in the world.

  3. Tex says:

    The definition of an illegal pyramid scheme is where the primary source of profit is something other than selling products to external customers. See my website, the FTC and SEC websites for confirmation.

    1. admin says:

      If you are referring to the post where I called amway a pyramid scheme, I basically said if it has the structure of one it’s essential a pyramid scheme in my eyes.

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