What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work For Beginners ?

Tired of working 9-5 every day in your cubicle ? Maybe, you are like me and work night shifts to provide for your family but you are feeling burned out.

I find myself working more and sleeping less, between longer shifts and more traffic there isn’t that many hours left to my day. I come home to be with my wife and son, nothing can replace that but it’s no surprise that I’m exhausted by tuesday.

It was this very scenario that pushed me to looking at some ways I can make money online. I wen’t through paid survey sites then gave a shot to multi level marketing but it just didn’t work out.

After a few detours I was fortunate enough to come across affiliate marketing.

There is no doubt, affiliate marketing is one of the more common ways to monetize your blog and make money online in general.

Now I caught your attention and you are asking yourself what is affiliate marketing and how does it work for beginners . There’s a lot of resources online about affiliate marketing but either some people are too discrete or they just are teaching outdated information.

What I mean its they’ll tell you 70% of how things work but not the complete truth since they don’t want to compete against you. This has a lot of people failing online and even going to the extent of calling affiliate marketing a scam.

Affiliate marketing is not some get rich quick scheme.

It takes time to succeed months or even years.

The searche engines specially Google have gotten very good on deciphering content from the web and matching it to the search query. But let me take a step back and help you understand what is affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing All About ?

Affiliate marketing is when a business rewards an affiliate when a customer buys a product or service through that affiliates referral link.

In lament terms, I write an article about x product and in that article I put my affiliate link to that product. Now, someone reads that article clicks on that link and purchases the product I recieve a small commission for basically referring that person over to buy.

Affiliate marketers are the middle person or messenger between the customer and the company.

Your sales are tracked though that affiliate link. You can see how many times people clicked on that link and the percentage of people that bought something.

It’s definitely an attractive business model because you don’t need to own any products to make money from them.

How Much Money Can You Make as An Affiliate Marketer ?

The answer to this is It depends.

There’s too many variables but successul affiliate marketers can make anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over $100,000 .

It really depends on your niche , how much traffic you can get , and how well you are monetizing your website. It seems basic but there’s a lot of small steps you need to complete to make this happen.

What’s cool about making money online via a website is that you can sell your website for 30x – 36X what that website does on a monthly basis.

So if it makes just aboout $100 dollars monthly you can really sell it for about $3000 which is incredible to me. Once you get good at creating niche sites and building them up your ROI (return on investment) can literally be through the roof.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work ?

For affiliate marketing to work there are 3 parties that need to involved.

The seller or product creator – This can either be a single person (entrepreneur) or a company. These products can be physical or a certain type of service. Could be a computer or even a muscle building program.

The products and services that you can promote are endless. This is why no matter how many people get into affiliate marketing there will be endless opportunities to make an honest living online.

The Affiliate – the affiliate can be the publisher or individuals that are promoting the product.The affiliate in this case it will be you, you’ll promote the product to your visitors in a way that will beneficial for them.

For instance, If I write an article about best make ups for girls would it be smart to promote shoes ? Definitely not, your visitors are expecting make ups not shoes.

The Consumer – Some consumers know that they are part of an affiliate commission while others don’t. Products can be promoted neither through blogs, social media , or websites.

I think it’s very important to be as transparent as possibile when dealing with consumers. 100% of the times I’ll have a disclaimer at the bottom of my website stating that some links throughout my articles have affiliate links that I’ll earn a small commission from.It’ll also state that it doesn’t cost the consumer anymore than it would if they went to the retailer directly and buying it from them.

Now that we covered what is affiliate marketing let’s talk about how you can get started with it.

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