What Is SEO about? An Introduction that must not be overlooked

Let’s go back to the past

first off SEO ( search engine optimization), has been around for a while but some of you may be asking what is seo about?. It soon will be 25 years but everyone thinks this started in the 2000’s. In reality, the first search engine was Archie, back in 1990. Now you might be aware at the ones most commonly used today which are yahoo and Google. Yahoo used to be the big boy when it came to search engines but not too long after Google was launched, 6 years after it blew yahoo out the water.what is seo about ?

Today more than ever Google dominates the internet world as it is almost 67% of the search engines used. Lets go back to the past one more time. Once the first ever search engine was launched people saw it possible to make money online. They knew that they needed traffic or better said, visitors coming to their sites if they had any real opportunity of making money.

Now this search engine wasn’t all that famous but people were trying to figure out how to get their websites on the first page of the search results as the opportunities would be endless, you’ll see what I mean soon.

SEO(search engine optimization)- is essentially the process of making your website visible to the search engines through natural or organic search results. This excludes paid searches. You may ask what is this?

Have you ever been to a page results and seen many different websites. For instance in most cases you will find a AD site and other would be an organic or natural search website. This means that these natural websites got to the first page of Google by simply just having content on their website related to that phrase entered on either yahoo or Google. If you don’t know about phrases or keywords, I suggest you take a look at one of my earlier post. it will teach you how to do a keyword research for the search engines.

You might be in awe on how important this is

,Lets take the word SEO and find out the real stats on this. I’m only going to be concentrating on Google for this little example but it wont be so little in a second. The word “SEO” gets searched in Google, are you ready for it ? A mind boggling 780,000 times a month! So lets say you rank on the first page for this word on Google; The average is about 20% that these people searching for this word click on your website, so if we do the math right that will equal to 156,000 visitors to YOUR site.

I’m going to remember this number because we’re not done quite yet with this example. The average advertiser spends a $6.12 per click. In this case this person would make…

The real question is how do we use SEO

There is 2 variations to this; On page SEO and off page SEO.

On page is mainly just you writing content on your website that encourages engagement.

  • The more quality content that you write within either post or page, the more likely it will be to rank your website
  • Target low hanging fruit keywords

Off page SEO for your website

  • This is the process of developing an authority website.
  • This is done by one word “sharing”, meaning getting other websites to share your website resulting in Google finding your website easier.
  • Getting backlinks from other websites. This is not done as simple as 1,2,3, but overtime this will be accomplished.

That’s pretty much a small overview of what SEO is but if you’re would like more extensive information or even specified training, CLICK HERE. Feel free to leave your feedback and if you can I would deeply appreciate it if you shared this post 🙂







14 thoughts on “What Is SEO about? An Introduction that must not be overlooked

  1. Sarah says:

    This is an excellent post, Yunier. SEO is the number one thing that a lot of marketers don’t understand. I’ve tried explaining it to my husband may times to get his business more traffic, but it’s hard to send the message across sometimes. I’ll share this with him and others that may find it useful. Thanks!

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      I definitely agree ! Can you believe I spoke to a business owner and I started talking about if they use SEO and their response was SEE what ? My point is they had never heard of this !

  2. Terrell says:

    I only found a few grammatical errors, which is the only thing that I advize you look over. Otherwise, a very informative post! I like it, and wish you the best!

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      I most definitely will take a look over it! Thank you for your time 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    The look and feel of the post are very good; it engages the eye and keeps things hopping. Grammar and spelling need work, but you’re definitely on to something here!

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      Thank you for your time and I will be elaborating on this topic in the near future 🙂

  4. Nicolas Ganea says:

    thanks for the information, I didn’t know that SEO was out that long.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      No problem ! I’m glad you learned something new.

  5. simon watson says:

    Very good mate as i need to learn about this stuff aswell 🙂

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      No problem brother ! We are always learning 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    Great post! I had no idea SEO had been around that long. Also with so many searches per month I kind of understand why so many SEO and internet marketing companies use SPAM tactics. With that amount of competition it must be impossible to rank.

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      It’s been a around a while and I couldn’t complain lol Outranking these keywords isn’t completely impossible just write quality content and overtime your website will gain the authority it deserves leading to ranking very high 🙂

  7. Vincent says:

    Great post. Makes things much clearer. Look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Thanks

    1. yunier gonzalez says:

      I’m glad to hear that Vincent ! Be on the lookout for more posts as I’m always writing to inform.

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