What Is The Advocare Scam? Time For My Advocare Review

So many people online ask what is the AdvoCare scam but don’t have the time to actually research the company so here it is , my AdvoCare review. Take a look at their AdvoCare website if you like.

There are so many complaints, negative reviews and much more on this company but I ask you what is expected for a company that is in the network marketing industry ? That’s my point but let’s dive in and take a look at the MLM opportunity.

What Is AdvoCare? 

AdvoCare International is an america MLM business model founded by charles ragus back in 1993. This company is in the wellness/weight loss market as it sells many various type of products like nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products. The main headquarter resides in Plano, Texas .

These products are sold through independent distributors (maybe you in the future) as there seemed to be about 60,000 independent distributors on 2010 according to wikipedia.

Since 2010 the distributors have steadily been increasing and has gained even more popularity which is a positive sign.

There seems to be some controversy over this companies products and rightfully so, check this out. This is a quote:

In July 2008, Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy tested positive for the banned breathing enhancer, clenbuterol Hardy said she had never heard of the substance, attributing the positive result to either a tainted supplement or sabotage. At the time, Hardy had been taking the supplement Arginine Extreme, which she had received for free from AdvoCare in exchange for making product testimonials,and she claimed in a subsequent lawsuit that the company’s product was tainted.

Then in 2009 the company was accused of ending agreements with 2 of it’s distributors resulting in a lawsuit of $1.9 million. These distributors were very profitable and had been with the company for over 12 years. This is a major red flag for me but let’s continue.

The AdvoCare Products

There are over 90 products that AdvoCare promotes that include most notably:

  • Trim
  • Active
  • Well
  • Performance Elite
  • Skincare
  • 24 Day Challenge

Advocare once offered a product that target youths from the age of 4-11 but when paediatricians raised concerns over the 60MG of caffeine then the product was brought back .

They also would go to school events as sponsors to promote their business but once they receive too much backlash they have never sponsored any more school events.

Are their products bad ? No I don’t believe they have bad products at all but the truth is they are not that much better than the amount of similar products that you will encounter in your local supplement store.

If people think that there is this this magic road to losing weight or being healthier, I’m sorry to report that this just isn’t the case but if it were true trust me it’s not AdvoCare. Are you willing to spend at least more than $100 to see results with a company that at the bare minimum there is some indecisiveness as to how reputable they are?

Drew Brees Sponsoring ?

Now this is a famous technique that many MLM companies use but let me be as brief as possible, Drew Brees is the endorser here but that doesn’t make this company legit because of this.

That’s like saying Obama is related to this company so it must be legit ! Actually no , when ever I see a famous person tied up to a company or product it raises some big concerns. As you may know this strategy works well simply because recruiting is a huge part of network marketing but theres one issue that I have.

Drew Brees has celiac disease which doesn’t allow him to consume products that are full with gluten . Guess what most AdvoCare products contain ? Yup, thats right they are full with gluten which makes this endorser not a suitable fit to sponsor this type of company or it’s products.

I love you Drew Brees but facts are facts in the marketing world !

The AdvoCare MLM Business Opportunity

Now I would say that the company has some decent products nothing extraordinary but they are good for the most part. There is wide catalog of products you can promote so that’s good. This company has been around for more than 20 years now which shows that there are people making some serious money with this company but is it trust worthy ?

With any MLM company there is going to be a lot of complaints and negative reviews on the internet. People tend to think that MLM is easy but in reality you will need to put in an excess amount of 50 hours a week and many people aren’t ready to do this.

People don’t seem to realise that if you are not putting in hard work , dedicate their time, and most importantly have a solid foundation of what it network marketing. You can get away with not having a solid foundation but just know that you will need to work twice as hard.

There were even reports that in short it stated that companies like AdvoCare were associating themselves with the DSA which states that they don’t require the regulation needed for your regular MLM company. This raises some concern as any company that is willing to associate themselves with this type of business should be brought into consideration whether thinking of them as a legit opportunity.

Is AdvoCare A Scam?

To be honest, I’m quite split on this company but i’m definitely leaning towards calling it a scam because there are some facts that are to hard to turnover about this company. I mean they did get an olympic swimmer suspended if that doesn’t raise awareness then I would rethink my assessment on MLM.

This company is not ideal as I can’t recommend this company it seems to have too many question marks on it. Even ending agreements with long time distributors is a big concern with me as that lacks to show trust within this company that makes it a scam in my eyes.

Want to know a legit opportunity ? Take a look at my number one recommendation. You have any experience or feedback, please share your comments.



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